Sunday, September 28, 2014

Chloe's 11th birthday! Sept. 2014

Wow!  Chloe is 11 years old!  Only one more year until she's in young women's at church.  My how time flies. . .Here are some pics of her birthday festivities with some of her Guerrero cousins, aunts, and uncles.  We also celebrated my sister-in-law Sandra's bday as well.

I made homemade rolls that actually turned out well, white rice, and an awesome green salad.  My mother-in-law went all out and brought a brisket, refried beans, spanish rice, enchiladas--all made from scratch.  She is the best Mexican food cook!!  It was the most perfectly delicious dinner.  Yum!!

And, yes, Chloe insisted on a picture with one of her guinea pigs, but I insisted on her putting him back in his cage and washing her hands before we cut into the cake to eat. :)

Chloe and the beautiful vanilla cake she decorated!  She also helped me make it from scratch. 

Chloe and one of her guinea pigs
Chloe, Aaron (Mario?), Emma, Elijah

Popcorn just chillin with Chloe 
Jade, Aunt Sandra, and Aunt Vipha

Thursday, May 29, 2014


Sunday, September 29, 2013


I need to write in a journal regularly.  I now realize that is probably not going to happen unless I do it on my blog.  So, personal or not, here I go.  I think this format is the easiest and best way to do it cause it is an easy way for my kids to look back as well.  Hopefully, there'll be a way to download this to a disk at some point (if it's not already happened).  I'm not as interested in printing it all out.  My blog will be interspersed with my boring rambles and my interesting ones with pics. :)  Today's will be a boring ramble.

I have the most spectacular husband there is.  Simon has been wonderful this weekend as I have tried to relax and get over a nasty sinus infection that I developed this week. It's been a busy week.  All week as I felt my allergies/cold turn into an infection, I kept wishing I could take a day and just sleep to help prevent what I could feel was coming on.  But, that wasn't in the cards this week.  So, I've drank lots of juice, used a nasal rinse many times, used a nasal saline rinse a ton, and taken some hot showers.  Over my life I've had lots of sinus infections and been on antibiotics for them.  This time, I want to see if it really will go away on it's own if I don't go to the doctor.  But, I'm not sure how long I can last. . .I lost my voice on Friday, but it's finally coming back today.  As long as I keep my voice, I think I can function in the coming week.

Anyway, back to my fabulous husband.  Last weekend he had the cruddy cold and still has some lingering symptoms. So, I know he's not feeling 100% either, but let me sleep ALOT yesterday while he took care of the kids, cleaned the kitchen, and got the kids to do their weekly bathroom cleaning.  Not to mention, playing with the kids and keeping them out of our room so I could sleep.  And, today, he and the two girls are at church while my son and I (he woke up with a bad cough this morning) are at home drinking lots of juices.

Chloe had her tenth birthday this last week!  Wednesday was her birthday (sept. 25th) and she had a sleepover party on Friday night.  I figured since I was at the point of sinus infection, I wasn't contagious anymore. . .or something like that, right?

So, I will post pics from her party later.  She had a few boys and girls for the Friday night festivities and the boys went home and a couple of the girls got to spend the night.  Unfortunately, one of Chloe's good friends woke up sick (throwing up sick) on Friday and was unable to come.  But, for those who came, I think everyone had a great time.  More about that later.

A few weeks ago, Labor Day Weekend, we went to Arkansas for the weekend.  We stayed with my brother, Lance, and his family in North Little Rock while my sisters DeeAnn and Lori and their familie's came and stayed at my brother, Alan's home in Arkadelphia.  We had a fun weekend of swimming and eating.  However, my sweet boy, Aaron, slipped and hit his head really hard at the swimming pool.  When we started getting dizzy and throwing up, we decided we needed to take him to the hospital.  Yep, he had given himself a head concussion and they admitted us to the hospital.  But, thankfully, by the evening when the pediatrician came to visit, he lets us check out since he'd been getting progressively better as the day progressed.  Luckily, his CT scan came back clear--so no broken bones.

Of course, fun to go to the Arkadelphia hospital and run into people I know (Sonja Jones) and the doctor told me he knew my mom (year's ago, she use to work as an emergency room clerk at this hospital).  But, not fun to be with my 7 year old with a head injury. . .so glad it was not worse!!

I'm enjoying my classes at UTA (counseling certification program) and my internship at S. Euless Elementary School.  And, my kids are all enjoying school (Emma in preschool at a Methodist Church ("Wesley's Kids"), Chloe in 4th grade, and Aaron is 2nd grade at Birdville Elementary.  They are all three thriving.  Chloe is attended a 5th grade class for math and Aaron is attending a 3rd grade class for math.  So, they are enjoying that added sense of adventure and accomplishment.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Year End Review 2012

Chloe- 9 years old
-loves to read
-plays the piano
-plays dolls with her little sister
-loves to play wii and computer games
-enjoys gymnastics, tennis, dancing, and parks
-loves third grade and has a fabulous teacher! (Mrs. Talent)
-on the school's Battle of the Books team again this year

Aaron-7 years old
-loves to read
-getting kind of tired of practicing the piano--we hope for a renewal this new year
-played a duet with mom at his recital
-loves to play wii and computer games
-loves to play at the park
-loves first grade and has an awesome teacher! (Mrs. Smith)
-on the school's Battle of the Books team again this year

Emma-4 years old
-loves books
-loves all kinds of dolls (baby, barbie, etc)
-loves to hug on any real live baby she can (often to their dismay ;)
-enjoys gymnastics and parks
-loves her preschool class and has a great teacher! (Ms. Jeannie)

2 Boys we're fostering--1 and 3 years old
-can't post their names or pics, there is a certainly level of confidentiality in Foster Care
-the one-year-old always has a smile on his face and is cuddly and sweet
-the three year old is also smiling a lot and is cuddly and sweet
-both love to be held and read to
-really, couldn't have asked for two more loveable kiddoes as our first placement

-enjoys his job as an architect
-loves to read scriptures and any gospel related topics
-a little overwhelmed with fostering two additional kiddoes
-extremely, fabulous husband and father
-huge help at home--does lots of dishes, children's baths, reading to the children, playing with kiddoes, etc.

-enjoys being a stay-at-home mom
-loves the classes she is taking at UTA (a program to get her certification to be a school counselor)
-a little overwhelmed with fostering two additional kiddoes and being in school--so happy to have such a supportive husband!!
-still PTA president (last year of it!)
-loves to read--has discovered checking e-books out from the library and reading them on her ipod or nook-so convenient!!

General info
-Fostering two kiddoes is a learning experience for them and us. I think we will all be better off becasue of it. The experiences we grow the most from are definitely the more challenging ones!
-most of our challenges are due to age appropriate behaviors--it's just a lot to add two more to our family right now!
-Feel very blessed!
-all of our kids are so cute and fun (and can also be annoying and frustrating!).  I wish I could just bottle up all their cuteness and keep it forever!  Emma's face can be so animated.  She loves to sing made-up songs.  Really, everyone loves to sing made-up songs (including mom and dad!).  Daddy is the king of silly sayings and mommy loves to make funny faces.  Aaron is fun and full of energy!  Chloe is getting older and becoming more independent and responsible!  She is also lots of fun and affectionate.  I hope they all stay so affectionate!
-We enjoy having Natalie's sister's family (DeeAnn) living close by again.  They moved back to Texas from Indiana and Chloe, Aaron, and Emma love having these cousins close by!
-We also continue to love having all of Simon's siblings and their families and his mom close by!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Morning Spa Time

I loved waking up to kids wanting me to come out and be pampered.  After I sat in the recliner, Aaron and Emma quickly came out with wet and soapy q-tips and "cleaned/painted" my tonails and then my fingernails.  Then, Aaron brought out some chapstick for my lips and Chloe got some blush and eyeshadow for my cheeks and eyes.  Aaron and Emma also gave me lots of ponytail holders with instructions on making ponytails.

Then, Aaron topped it all off with a back massage (both with the thumpers and finished off with his hands giving me a shoulder massage.)

Happy Sunday morning to all! :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Loved catching this moment (of course, Emma looked up from her book when she saw me come over with my camera). I hope my kiddoes never loose their love for reading!! :)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Chloe's Baptism 2011

October 29, 2011
Chloe loved her baptism! It was a great day! She was blessed to have her Aunt Vipha, Grandma Esther, some of her friends (Gabe, Leora, Jordan), her primary teacher, Sister Sonia Payne, Bishop Ted Beal, and her primary president--Sister Ashley Walker.
Gabe's mom, Jordan's mom, and Leora's dad and brother Kenny also came. And, Simon's good friend Rob Haynes.
We had yummy ice cream sundaes afterwards in the kitchen at the church.
And, at her confirmation on Sunday, her Uncle Cesar came to stand in the circle while her dad confirmed her a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and she received the Gift of the Holy Ghost.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Halloween in July!

Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), ladybug, LarryBoy