Friday, November 2, 2007


Halloween was great! Chloe dressed up as a princess (of course!). She picked out a pink dress at the thrift store. She insisted that she had to be Cinderella in a pink dress :)
Aaron was a prince! We think he looked mostly like Prince Alladin (though Chloe thought he should've had a "blue" outfit to be "Prince Charming"), but hey, we were limited to what we could find cheap at the thrift store :-). Natalie (mommy) dressed up like a queen and Simon (daddy) dressed up like a doctor (though he was secretly a king. . .or something like that ;-)
We went to some friends' home for dinner (Springer's--they have a son, Gabe, who is one of Chloe's best friends.) and then went trick or treating in their neighborhood. Then, of course, we stopped by the Ellis' so Chloe could see Brooke's tinkerbell costume and show off her pink princess costume. Cute kids.
My kids are just growing and growing!! In fact, Chloe had her fourth birthday on September 25th and Aaron will be 2 on November 18th. And, Chloe is just so smart (not that I'm biased or anything. . .) but she's reading this blog as I type it and getting the majority of the words correct (well, maybe not a "majority", but almost a majority!) She LOVES to read!!

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