Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Great Wolf Lodge

We forgot to take our camera with us, so we don't have any pics for this entry. . .just ones I copied and pasted from the Great Wolf website.
Simon helped build this great hotel/indoor waterpark and so we received a complimentary one night stay! The kids LOVED the waterpark! They have great kids areas!! My mom came with us and she watched the kids for us that evening while Simon and I ran back to the waterpark to go on the "scary ones" (what Chloe said about the thrill ride slides).

There were several fun slides for the kids in the toddler area. Plus there were a couple of ones in the bigger kids areas that Chloe and Aaron went on by themselves!! We first put them on the "slower" green one. As each one came down, they each looked a bit shell shocked! I asked Aaron if he had fun, he said "fun." Then I asked him if he wanted to go again and he, without hesitation, said "no." Chloe on the other hand immediately wanted to go back and try the "fast"orange one. However, after she did that one she said it was too fast and went back to the green one.

Overall they had a great trip! (except for Chloe falling off the top bunk this morning. . . that was everyone's wake-up call at 6:45. . .don't worry, Chloe didn't have any permanent injuries. . .

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