Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Another Mommy Tag

My friend Joni tagged me again. . .this time I have to tell you 6 things you may not know about me. It's hard to come up with interesting things. . .

1. When I was in high school I got a paper cut in the dead center of my eye. Yes, I did say PAPER CUT in my pupil!! It was not pleasant. One of those freak accidents--a friend of mine in choir had her sheet music in her hand and somehow my eye came into contact with it. It was very painful, but I did manage to check myself out of school and drive myself to the doctor. Eye injuries such as this usually heal relatively quickly, but I had an allergic reaction to the first batch of liquid antibiotics. . .so, there goes the quick healing! Anyway, once I got the patch off my eye I had a doctor's excuse to wear sunglasses at school for the next week. So, that was kind of cool. 2. From elementary school until my freshmen year of college, I planned to go to law school and become a lawyer. I wanted to be a criminal defense lawyer. I was even on the Mock Trial team in high school. However, somewhere along the way I decided I wanted to work with teenagers and got a teaching degree. Then, I realize I wanted to do counseling and got my master's degree in Social Work. And, at this point, my main goal is to be an effective stay-at-home mom!! :-) And trust me, all that education has been very helpful in what I currently do!

3. My freshman year of college, I went on a camping trip the weekend before finals and broke my foot! It was the first time I had ever broken a bone. It was tons of fun {sarcastic grin} to get around BYU campus on crutches during finals week. Below is a picture of us hiking in Southern Utah on that trip (before my big fall. . .) The camping trip was a lot of fun until my big fall. Even, then it was quite the adventure. I think it was about 8 hours until I finally made it to a hospital. My roommates and I had gotten off the beaten path and had quite a time finding our way out. Thank goodness we ran into some very kind and helpful people!!

4. WANNA GO TO PRISON?? That's what was on the flyer that I responded to when I began my journey into the world of teaching life skills classes at the Utah State Prison. One of the various volunteer opportunities I was able to take advantage of when I was at BYU. I taught a great life skills curriculum to classes in the men's facility in Draper, UT. The program was great. We always team taught with someone else. I did that twice a week (two hour classes) for a couple of years. I really enjoyed it (even though I later learned that my classes were composed mostly of sex-offenders. . .) But, I always felt completely safe and comfortable because I knew a guard was close by if needed--but that was never the case for me.

5. My bachelor's degree is in Social Sciences Teaching for Secondary Ed. For my semester of student teaching, I was accepted into a BYU program to do it at a school in Washington D.C. Below is a picture of one of my classes. I taught U.S. History, Sociology, & Psychology. It was quite the experience considering my cooperating teaching never came back to school after my first two weeks and the substitute they put in with me was not exactly proficient in English. Being in D.C. was fun though. Lots to do and see. 6. After my semester in D.C. I moved to Texas and got a job teaching at the Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program (JJAEP) for Tarrant County in Fort Worth. It was an even crazier experience than my one in D.C. since I was hired to teach math and English rather than something I'm actually certified to teach. In one classroom I would have students enrolled in Basic Math, Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry. Needless to say, the students in my classes were not exactly prone to being intrinsically motivated to learn indpendently (i.e. work in small groups while I go around and teach each individual subject). However, I can honestly say that in all my teaching experiences I really did like all my students on an individual basis--but collectively, well, that was often a different story. . .
I tag Jacqui :-)


  1. Those are some good ones so far. I think you would make an excellent defense lawyer. Can't wait to hear the rest.

  2. Fun! ENjoyed reading interesting things about you. I posted on my blog, too!