Monday, January 7, 2008

Christmas 2007!!

Christmas was great! We hosted Natalie's family. All of her siblings & their families, except Thad (brother in Utah with a newborn), were able to come. We had a wonderful time! It was quite noisy! :-) Chloe and Aaron sure did enjoy having all those cousins around!

The Saturday before Christmas, those who were here, went out to eat at a restaurant in the Great Wolf Lodge (hotel/water park that Simon helped build--the architectural side of things). Below is a picture of the view of the hotel lobby from the restaurant.

Below is just a funny pic of Nicholas and William (cousins)

After eating at Great Wolf we took the kids to the Bass Pro Shop. The kids enjoyed seeing the fish, reindeer (real fish, pretend reindeer), and exploring some of the boats.
Below is a pic of Grandma LeVar with all the grandkids (well, all except for David, Gracie, and Ruby who we all missed--I can't imagine why my brother and his wife didn't want to travel across the country with a newborn. . .{sarcastic grin} Oh, and Leah is also missing because they didn't get here until Sunday and this was Saturday night.
in the picture: William, Nicholas, Christopher, Natalie (adult), Aaron, Grandma, Joshua, Beth, Chloe, Sarah, Josh, and Anna
Below are the kids making gingerbread houses in the afternoon on Christmas Eve. Ginni and Lance headed up that project (Ginni's great with crafty arts stuff).

A little while after the gingerbread houses were finished, we had a white elephant gift game for the kids. No worries, the kids game did not include the ability to steal a gift. They just passed it around a circle according to a story I read and then ended up with whatever they had.

Below are the kids opening their gifts. Not everyone was totally thrilled with the gift they ended up with. But, overall, I'd say it was a successful activity. No major breakdowns :)

Of course, we also had a white elephant game for the adults. We played it the traditional way with drawing numbers, choosing gifts, and stealing.

Below is Natalie's mom (Karma LeVar) opening one of several gifts (I believe hers kept getting stolen. . .)

Then, of course, below is gift opening actities on Christmas morning. I think everyone was quite pleased with their presents. As you can see below, Aaron seems to be quite happy just inspecting a plastic cup. . .two year olds are great fun :)


  1. Looks like you guys had a great time! Your house looks darling. Love the paint color.

  2. Yeah, we did have a great time! And, thanks, we love our house. The large living/dining room area was fantastic for hosting a big group!