Saturday, February 16, 2008

Kid Quotes

"I'm almost an adult. I'm getting bigger"--Chloe replying to why she is old enough to play the game LIFE which is for ages 9-Adult.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

4-years old and Reading!

Chloe has always LOVED to read! Having books read to her has always been one of her favorite activites. And, now, she's also enjoying reading to us and on her own. She's even begun to read one verse a night for our family scripture study. (that's her reading the Book of Mormon for scripture study a few nights ago).
Tonight, was especially cute. She's so inquisitive. She read 1 Nephi 4:20. The only words I had to help her on were "treasury, servant, and commandment" And, she only needed help on commandment because it was split at the end and beginning of a line (com-manded). She paused and asked me what "manded" means :-) She also asked what "treasury" means and she's very interested in the little letters by some of the words. I'm trying to explain to her the concept of footnotes. . .she sort of gets it, but mostly I think she just thinks the little letters are cute :-)
Last night she was very curious about what the word "loins" means. . .that was a fun one.
And, yes, Chloe still has about a year and a half until she starts kindergarten. . .And, yes, she was reading long before she was finally potty trained :-) Crazy, cute kid.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Potty Trained. . .Finally!!! YOO HOO :-)

Yeah! Chloe finally made the decision that it was time to be potty trained! She's had the know how for a while now, but has just chosen not to most of the time. . .she can be a very independent/stubborn young girl. Yeah for Chloe!!! Now it's Aaron's turn. . .

The person singing in the video is Simon. Daddy is very gung-ho on potty training. He turns the bathroom into a real entertainment arena. . .you can often find Simon and Chloe (or Aaron--or both--one on the little potty and one on the regular toilet) in the bathroom after dinner playing a game of Dora Candy Land, Connect Four, or other various games while Chloe and/or Aaron sits on the potty and Simon sits on a stool.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Aaron & Mommy

I just like this picture.

Cute things kids say

Aaron--says "choo choote" for trains. When he was younger he use to call Chloe "Chlo-O".


Yesterday Simon finally had the LASIK procedure!! He's so excited that he won't have to wear glasses anymore! No more kids pulling on his glasses or taking them and putting them on or taking them a running off. . .He feels like a new man :-) The surgery went very well (very quick--it's quite amazing to watch--they have a glass window so you can watch the procedure). He also go to wear cool sunglasses home and gets to sleep in them for a week.

I was jealous that he got a valium before surgery, was sent home with a sleeping pill, and told to sleep until the next morning (it was only 2:45p.m). I've never had a valium. I often think one might be nice. . .

2 Down 7 to Go. . . Yeah!!!

In the mail today, Simon got the results for the 2nd architectural licensing exam he took, and he passed!!! Yeah!! Only 7 more exams to go. . .