Wednesday, February 13, 2008

4-years old and Reading!

Chloe has always LOVED to read! Having books read to her has always been one of her favorite activites. And, now, she's also enjoying reading to us and on her own. She's even begun to read one verse a night for our family scripture study. (that's her reading the Book of Mormon for scripture study a few nights ago).
Tonight, was especially cute. She's so inquisitive. She read 1 Nephi 4:20. The only words I had to help her on were "treasury, servant, and commandment" And, she only needed help on commandment because it was split at the end and beginning of a line (com-manded). She paused and asked me what "manded" means :-) She also asked what "treasury" means and she's very interested in the little letters by some of the words. I'm trying to explain to her the concept of footnotes. . .she sort of gets it, but mostly I think she just thinks the little letters are cute :-)
Last night she was very curious about what the word "loins" means. . .that was a fun one.
And, yes, Chloe still has about a year and a half until she starts kindergarten. . .And, yes, she was reading long before she was finally potty trained :-) Crazy, cute kid.

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