Saturday, February 2, 2008

Potty Trained. . .Finally!!! YOO HOO :-)

Yeah! Chloe finally made the decision that it was time to be potty trained! She's had the know how for a while now, but has just chosen not to most of the time. . .she can be a very independent/stubborn young girl. Yeah for Chloe!!! Now it's Aaron's turn. . .

The person singing in the video is Simon. Daddy is very gung-ho on potty training. He turns the bathroom into a real entertainment arena. . .you can often find Simon and Chloe (or Aaron--or both--one on the little potty and one on the regular toilet) in the bathroom after dinner playing a game of Dora Candy Land, Connect Four, or other various games while Chloe and/or Aaron sits on the potty and Simon sits on a stool.

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