Sunday, March 30, 2008


Okay, I'm still itching all over. We did LOTS of yard work a couple of weekends ago (and lots the previous weeks) and at some point we apparently were attacked by poison ivy. (okay, not really "attacked" since we didn't notice it, but it's apparently out there). My kids itched for about a week and a half and Simon and I didn't start itching until their's was about gone and we're still itching! This stuff is awful!

Plus, I'm a bad mom cause I never did take my kids to the doctor for it. I thoght they were having an allergic reaction to the new scent of laundry detergent I was using. They scratched a lot but hardly complained. I just spent a week re-washing all their stuff with extra rinse cycles and by the time their's cleared up, Simon's and mine started showing up. After about a week and a half of itching (rashes on my arms, back, neck, legs. . .)I finally decided to go to the doctor. And, he confirmed what I suspected, poison ivy. I just feel like a rotten mom cause I took myself to the doctor but didn't take my kids when they were itching. . . oh well, I guess I shouldn't worry, they survived.

Simon and I are on our third day of steroids prescribed from our doctor. So, hopefully, this misery will end soon. . . Now I need to go find out where the poison ivy is in our yard and irradicate it!! I'm sure it's along one of our fence lines. We've been cutting down trees and limbs and clearing out stuff, I've discovered that I like using a chain saw, but not a wood chipper. We rented a wood chipper last weekend to mulch up the two trees and branches from some other trees that we had cut down. Now we have lots of mulch and plenty of use for it too! Anyway, the wood chipper is a bit of a scary machine--powerful, extremely fast moving blades! I'm glad we only needed it for one day!

So, next on my outdoor "to do" list is to find and destroy the poison ivy, set up my garden--transplant the vegetables & flowers I have growing inside (lettuce, tomatoes, bell peppers), dig a large hole in the back corner to deal with our drainage issue, distribute anti-mosqito things in our drains and the back ditch I will dig that tend to have standing water, distribute the mulch, and mow again. I love doing yard work. I like it so much better than cleaning inside the house!! So, the inside of my house has been a bit neglected since the weather started warming up about a month ago.


  1. I've never had poison ivy,it sounds irritating. Scott and I raked our little back yard the other day and there had to have been something in our leaves we bagged up. I came in itching all over. My Grandma used to call them chiggers. I guess it's the little bugs that live in piles of leaves. Whatever it was, it doesn't sound as miserable as poison ivy. I hope you find it soon! Good Luck :~)

  2. I'm there with you on the state of my house because it's been warm outside. I'd MUCH rather be out working in our yard. However it has snowed for the past two days, so I broke down and mopped my wood floor...darn!

    Sounds like you have a ton of work to do. We do, too. 1/2 acre is a ton of land, I've decided. What a pain! But, I love it, too, for the space to breathe and run.