Thursday, March 13, 2008

Little helpers & schedules

The other day we were all working in the yard--various things. One of which was transportating spare bricks to the back of the yard in a wheelbarrow. The kids loved getting to ride in the wheelbarrow when it was empty on my way back up to get more bricks. They also would help us unload the bricks by picking one up and handing it to us. After giving several bricks to his daddy (one at a time), while picking up another one, Aaron finally said "this is heavy!" Yeah, my kids are buff :-)

Aaron was also very helpful this morning with putting dirty clothes in the washing machine. He put the clothes in one at a time as I handed them to him and he let me know who each item belonged to, "Chloe's shirt, daddy's shirt, Chloe's pants, Aaron, pants, Aaron's shirt, mommy's shirt, daddy's pants, mommy's pants. . ." This was a nice change from the temper tantrum he had thrown a few minutes earlier over who knows what. (well, it had something to do with milk and water. . .he kept changing his mind and I never did figure out exactly what he was trying to communicate. Sometimes he's a little nuts and just needs time alone in his crib to cool off and be reasonable.

Chloe hasn't helped much today, but she can be a good helper. She's very good at putting her and Aaron's clothes on hangers. I guess it's probably time for us to establish some regular chores of some sort for her. I'm sure she'd be glad to do them. I just need to get a routine established. . .

That's gotta be one of the hardest things for me about parenting--being totally consistent in everything & trying to get us on a good schedule. I am consistent about some things, but need to do better in a lot of areas. . .I dream of my house being totally organized and my days planned out so my kids know exactly what to expect each day. For instance, I would love to be able to say, okay from 7-8:00 is get up, go potty, eat breakfast, brush teeth; 8-10:00 kids play by themselves while I clean, then 10-Noon I play with the kids--read books, play toys, etc. then Noon -1:00 lunch and clean up. 1-3:00 quiet time/naps (Chloe doesn't nap, but loves to read books or do games on the computer--there are a lot of educational websites for kiddoes), then 3-5:00, free play or watch t.v. while I prepare dinner. 5-6:00 begin dinner (Simon's usually home between 5:30 and 6:00), 6-7:00 baths and dishes (Simon normally does the baths while I do the dishes--by that time of the day I'm ready for some time to get things done without the kids!!), Then 7:30-8:00 bedtime routines.

Now, of course, there are many other things on different days that will be inserted into that schedule, but at least I think that's a pretty good base schedule to go by. In fact, I think I'll type that up on a piece of paper to put up somewhere--maybe that will help. . .ahh, to be organized would be great!

Okay, I guess I should start following this schedule and get to playing with my kids rather than typing this on my computer while they are watching Dora on t.v. . .

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