Sunday, March 30, 2008

No more Lil' Miss Shy Girl

(the picture is from my friend Joni's blog--Chloe got to go to a butterfly exhibit with her friend Brooke for Brooke's 4th birthday! She LOVED it! Apparently Brooke took this picture! Fun!)
Well, Chloe has broken out of her shell! She's always been a bit shy around new people (and people she knows but doesn't see weekly). She use to cry and hide in her room when the missionaries came for dinner (in our old house). But, boy, that's all changed! We had four elders for dinner today and she was little miss "look at me." She and Aaron are both little hams. Aaron's always been relatively outgoing and I think Chloe finally decided she wanted some of the attention when others are around too! My mom said that she acts just like I did when I was a little girl (silly, slightly annoying), but cute (or at least Chloe is! I'd like to think that I was too at her age. . .)

She also goes around telling people that she's not shy anymore. I'm glad she's more at ease with other people now--especially extended family members!!

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  1. No, Natalie, you were just annoying! (Just kidding) You were cute most of the time and annoying every now and then. Probably a lot like Chloe.