Friday, March 28, 2008

Silly Jokes & Faces

On the way home from the park today around noon, I told the kids we were going to go home and have grapes, carrots, and a hotdog for lunch today! Aaron said, "we'll eat carrots, grapes, and a hotdog at home," (slight pause while looking out the car window), "and eat cars." I smiled and told him that we don't eat cars. He laughed and said, "silly joke." Aaron's been doing that lately, saying something silly and then laughing and saying it's a silly joke.

Chloe also loves to tell silly jokes. She followed Aaron's with the following, "what do you get when you have a duck and a box?" I said, "what?" and Chloe replied, "a quacker box." ha ha ha. My kids are sooo funny :-)

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