Thursday, March 6, 2008

Snow. . .Finally!!!

Yeah! We finally rceived enough snow to actually go play in it! Chloe and Aaron were both so excited all day as the weather went from mildly snowing (mixed with rain and some icy snow sticking in the yard) to full fledge snowing and about an inch of snow in the yard! (and yes, Chloe's coat is unzipped. . .it zipped the last time we used it. . .months ago, but, somehow the zipper was slightly bent. . .oh well, we weren't outside too long. . .we're not too prepared for fun in the snow necessities--our "gloves" were just socks on our hands.)

Classic Aaron facial expression!

Much as we tried, Chloe, Aaron, and I were relatively unsuccessful at our attempts making snow angels (not quite enough snow). However, we were able to throw snowballs at one another and make a miniature (and grass filled) snowman! (and, yes, in the bottom picture they are trying to lick mr. grasnowman. . .)The kids loved it! Now, they're in a warm bath enjoying hot chocolate. Ahh, the life of a child. . .

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  1. It looks like snow we got here in Florida once. Except I was only two or three and there is a picture of me on top of a car,bundled up, with a five inch snowman beside me. It looks like the kids loved it though! Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!