Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Due Date and a 4-year old's reaction to fetus pictures

Well, I went to the doctor yesterday (well, actually the mid-wife who works with my doctor. I see her every other appointment until about 5 or 6 months and then I only see my doctor during the last few months). Anyway, I saw her and my due date is December 15th.
Of course, she also gave me the "review" packet of info. that includes a magazine with fetus pictures of each month. Since Chloe already knows we're having a baby (but not for a LONG time--I'm telling her right after Christmas even though it'll be a little bit sooner.) I decided to show her the pictures of months one and two. She told me that one of the pictures for month one looked like a dinasour. I agreed. (similar to the one above)
Then we went on to month 2. The picture for the end of that month looks a little more like a baby (see above). However, she was very concerned that the baby only had one eye. I assured her there were two but because of how the picture was taken, we could only see one. She was relieved when she turned a few more pages and saw the one below with two eyes.

She is totally enthralled by all 9 months of fetus pictures! She took it to bed with her tonight (there was still enough light in her room to be able to see it). After our night-time routine I tucked her in and she was reading the magazine in bed. I came out to the computer and started this blog entry when I heard a very loud, "Mommy! I need you to come here." She was a bit distraught because she did not see teeth in any of the pictures. I explained to her that babies are born without teeth and get them later. It took a few minutes of repititous explaining (it's amazing how many times a 4-year-old will ask the SAME question--a frequent occurance!) and then she was finally okay with it.

Earlier in the evening she was trying to show the pictures to Aaron and explain them, but he was a bit uninterested. I guess a 2-year-old isn't quite as enthralled :-)

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