Monday, April 14, 2008

Just lounging around. . .ahhh, the life of a child!

Make-shift beds. And, no, our kids really do not sleep in the entertainment center. . .

Aaron has developed a camera shyness. . .well, it depends and it is totally random when he smiles for a picture or when he hides his face.


  1. Ahhh the life of a child is right...hardly a care in the world! I remember hiding in these built-in living room cupboards in our house when I was seven or eight. I'd get pillows and make my "house." Having a flashlight made it even better. This post brought back great memories!

  2. Yeah, I use to love to make tents out of sheets and the couches or find a small/cozy closet to set up a little area (I was okay as long as I knew I could get out if I wanted. There were times when my siblings locked me in the hall closet--with good reason (I could be an annoying little sister)--but I am claustrophobic if I can't get out! Glad to bring back good memories for ya :-)