Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More 2-year-old prayers

Okay, Aaron was saying the blessing for dinner this evening and he was blessing everyone's cups ("bless Chloe's cup, and grandma's cup, and Aaron's cup, and Daddy's cup. . .") He was just about to bless my cup when Simon prompted him to end the prayer. Aaron was quiet for a second or two (he had been thrown off cause he wasn't ready to end the prayer) and then he proceeded to bless my plate, which started him on a whole other round of blessing everyone's plates. Then Chloe pipes in to prompt him to say something else (she likes to help him with his prayers) and he promptly looked at her, put his finger over his mouth and said, "shhh." It was sooo funny at the moment and my mom and I both couldn't restrain our laughter. . .not a good thing since that will only encourage him. But it was really funny because Chloe kept trying to tell him what to say and he kept shssshing her. Finally I jumped in and ended the prayer and he said "amen" and smiled. It's so hard to keep a straight face with him cause he's just so darn cute!

Below is a picture, unrelated to this post, of him feeding his baby doll water through a straw. . .It's so much fun watching him do so much pretending now! He and Chloe are pretending a LOT together these days! (it was funny when he did this because we had all three been at the table having a snack and when he was finished he just got down from this seat and took his water glass over to the baby doll to give her some water. . .he'd been there for a few minutes before Chloe and I noticed what he was doing.)

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