Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pregnancy Thoughts. . .or maybe Woes. . .

Okay, so I find out I'm pregnant at abot 5 weeks and am feeling great. So, I convince myself that this pregnancy is going to be a lot easier than the last two (if I didn't think that was at least possible, I wouldn't have tried this pregancy thing again. . .I hate being pregnant). So, at about 6 weeks my stomach starts to hurt, but not too bad. Almost like a "pre-nausea" kind of feeling. So, I start making sure all my snacks and meals throughout the day include protein to help curb the nausea (nuts, cottage cheese, meat, beans, cheese, etc.). That seems to be working well for a week or so. At this point I'm patting myself on the back thinking, I'm just being smarter about it this time. This is great!

Well, then the exhaustion sets in, along with constant headaches (I'm trying to drink as much water as I can possibly stomach in case that's what's causing the headaches. . .I normally drink lots of water, so it's not too hard.) and, unfortunately, the nausea. But, it's not constant nausea like my previous pregnancies, even though it continues throughout the day. My stomach is always hurting, but not always full-blown nauseated.

My poor kids, this last week I spent most of my days sitting (or laying) on the couch while they played, watched too much t.v., etc. I have a feeling we'll be doing that a lot over the next few months. . .I had forgotten how completely worn out pregnancy is in the beginning. So, now, my hope is that all this will come to an end after the first trimester (babysteps of hopefullness to keep going!).

So, I love my kids and think they are totally worth it, but my goodness, pregnancy is almost a self-inflicted form of torture (because, yes, all three of my pregnancies have been planned--can't blame surprises). I know I am very blessed with the kids I have (and will have), but man, why does the process have to be so bad. . .? (rhetorical question)

But, if anyone out there has any suggestions on how to feel better, please share. I've probably heard most of them, but if there is the chance that there's something out there I haven't read about or thought of that would help, I'm all for it!


  1. I've heard 1/2 a Unisom works for nausea, or Vitamin B. I was always so tired that thoughts of taking sleeping medication made me think I'd pass out if I did!

    Oh, it makes me sick just thinking about how you feel. Just lie on the couch and dont' feel guilty at all if your kids watch TV all day. They'll recover.

  2. adoption always seemed to work for me!

  3. Taking 1/2 a Unisom along with a B-6 helped take the edge off for me when I was pregnant with Beth, but it never really went away. Of course, I was puking 3+ times a day with Beth, so any relief was welcome. I also still have some preggie pops if you want me to bring them over whenever we have time to get over there!

  4. Jacqui--I've taken your advice and for the last few days my kids have watched tons of t.v. while I'll laid on the couch trying to keep from throwing up too much and not feeling a bit guilty :-) DeeAnn had told me about the 1/2 Unisom and B6 during my last pregnancies. I've been taking B6 for a couple of weeks (thanks to DeeAnn reminding me on the phone), but I can't bring myself to take a Unisom since I can hardly stay awake as it is. . .I think my iron may be low.

    Meredith--Yes, we are definitely taking the adoption route when we decide to have a 4th child!! I'm 100% serious.

    DeeAnn--yes, I'd love to have the preggie pops :-)