Monday, May 5, 2008


Okay, since the last couple of posts were mostly me whining about how awful pregnancy is, I decided I need to include a post about some of the things for which I'm grateful! I am glad that I am able to have children (though I think adoption is just as good!). I have two wonderfully cute and affectionate kids. I have a fantastic husband who just finished doing all the dishes (even the handwashing ones!) and cleaned up the kitchen after having put the kids to bed. He's a great husband and father. I'm also very glad that they now have a generic form of Zofran (the best anti-nausea medicine I've had during pregnancy). No, Zofran is no miracle pill, but it does help, and thank goodness for that! I took one about 1/2 hour ago and I think that's why I'm feeling well enough to be typing this! I am glad that I am able to keep down some food :-) I'm grateful for having good friends and a supportive family.

For instance, a few weeks ago I had a playgroup at my house. I totally emptied my stomach about 10 minutes before everyone got here and was feeling pretty miserable. My good friend Joni came in and could immediately tell that I felt awful. Throughout the playgroup whenever one of my kids would get upset about something or just need something, Joni would jump up to take care of it for me. It was really nice. Those small things can mean a lot!

Also, my mother-in-law is a great help! She watches my kids for me about once a week for a few hours. Normally, I am productive around the house or running errands (or taking my mom to a doctor's appointment) during that time, but a couple of weeks ago, I basically just came home and took a nap--it was nice.

And, my sister-in-law Vipha brought us extra taco salad stuff for dinner a few weeks ago and it was great! She's a fantastic cook. I need to take lessons. . .

Also, my sister, DeeAnn (who lives about 45 min. away) came down last week with her son Josh. The kids had a great time with their cousin and it was nice to have someone here! Also, she unloaded, loaded, and ran my dishwasher for me.

And, of course, my mom, who lives with us, is disabled and therefore cannot physically do much, is a help. She has managed to unload and partially load the dishwasher a couple of times (and plans to make it a daily routine), plus she often offers to keep the kids in her room while I take a nap (though she normally wants me to take Aaron for a nap too--he tends to get into everything. . .) and she's just a great person to have around for some adult conversation during the day and emotional support. She's trying her best to be as independent as she can be in her situation.

Okay, well, those are my thoughts of gratitude for the day--I could take up pages and pages about how great each individual member of my family is!


  1. Awe...thanks Natalie! You're pretty good yourself. Maybe we could both take lessons from each other. I still need to learn how to make cookies!!! I can't seem to get that down.

  2. what a great support group you have!