Sunday, June 22, 2008

Road trip to Arkansas and Tennessee Part 1

Natalie's brother, Thad, and his wife and children (Yvonne, David, Gracie, and Ruby) flew to Dallas and stayed with us for a couple of days before embarking on the rest of their trip in a rental van. Thanks to them for coming so that Natalie's mom & all her necessities could make it as well. (Karma rode with Thad and Yvonne to Arkansas and then Tennessee & we drove in a separate car).
Aaron & Gracie enjoying a video
Our first stop was at Natalie's brother, Alan's, home in Arkansas. Below are some pics of them with their cousins.
Chloe, Aaron, Joshua, Nicholas, & Christopher (cousins)

Aaron loving the Little People car track!

Chloe doing her favorite thing--reading!

Chloe loved the play room upstairs and Uncle Alan and Aunt Erika's home! Before Erika went to bed (around 11:30p.m.) she thought she heard something going on upstairs. She came up to check, and sure enough, Chloe was playing in the toy room all alone while the rest of us were sound asleep in our rooms! Erika said something to the effect of "sweetheart, I think you need to go to bed." And apparently Chloe just said, "okay" and complied.

Darth Vadar (a.k.a. David), Joshua, and Nicholas

David and ChristopherMr. Cool (a.k.a. Nicholas)The next day we all set out on our drive to Nashville, TN for our Family Reunion 2008! (Natalie's side of the family) Below are a couple of pictures of Aaron, Chloe, and David enjoying a play area at McDonald's (actually I think these pictures are from the trip home from Nashville, oh well, out of order. . .)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Partners in Crime

This picture is from a few weeks ago. They kids were being awfully quiet. When I came to check on them, I found them in the kitchen eating popsicles and a chair by the freezer. Apparently, Chloe had gotten a couple of pop-ice type popsicles from the freezer and managed to open them with her teeth. One for her, and one for her brother. . .I thought it was pretty funny that they were sitting so quietly and facing the wall while enjoying their popsicles--trying not to get caught, of course :-)

**I have lost my mind. . .Simon read this post and laughed because he reminded me that he was the one who discovered the kiddoes and took this picture a few months ago. My memory is terrible.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Dinnertime with Mickey and Minnie

Okay, I'm finally starting to feel a bit functional again. Yippee! These are a couple of pictures from a few weeks ago.
Chloe had insisted on pulling the little blue table over next to the big table to eat at. So, we got Aaron all situated with his plate and then was clearing a space for Chloe (she had put Mickey and Minnie in the other two chairs), when she informed us that she was going to sit at the big table. Normally, we all sit at the big table and it was a bit strange for Chloe to be so persistant about being at the little table. Little did we know that her plan was to isolate Aaron with Minnie and Mickey. . .well, he didn't seem to mind, so we let him stay there for most of the meal (until he started playing with his food) then his daddy moved him up to the big table with us.

This is one of those stories that's so much funnier when it happened than in the re-telling. . .