Thursday, June 5, 2008

Dinnertime with Mickey and Minnie

Okay, I'm finally starting to feel a bit functional again. Yippee! These are a couple of pictures from a few weeks ago.
Chloe had insisted on pulling the little blue table over next to the big table to eat at. So, we got Aaron all situated with his plate and then was clearing a space for Chloe (she had put Mickey and Minnie in the other two chairs), when she informed us that she was going to sit at the big table. Normally, we all sit at the big table and it was a bit strange for Chloe to be so persistant about being at the little table. Little did we know that her plan was to isolate Aaron with Minnie and Mickey. . .well, he didn't seem to mind, so we let him stay there for most of the meal (until he started playing with his food) then his daddy moved him up to the big table with us.

This is one of those stories that's so much funnier when it happened than in the re-telling. . .

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