Friday, July 11, 2008

Fireworks, swimming, and a wedding

Okay, yes, I'm just now getting around to posting about or fun-filled July 4th weekend. July 4th was fun. First we spent a few hours at my sister, DeeAnn's, home swimming in their awesome pool! I was so glad to be rid of that Zofran pump so I could swim too! However, I failed to take my camera, so no pics of that outing. . . Chloe and Aaron LOVE going to play with their cousins Beth and Josh!

Later that evening, we had some family and friends over for a potluck hot dog dinner and fireworks. The fireworks show for our city is visible from our front yard (well, not only visible, but almost like having front row seats!) We had LOTS of food, kids had fun, and all enjoyed the fireworks. Chloe was vibrant during the show--she often said "woo hoo" or "I love fireworks" and would jump out of her seat. Aaron, just watched without much movement (actually began to fall asleep at the end--one exhausted boy considering how loud fireworks are and his eyes were closing. . .)

Then, on Saturday evening, Simon's sister Claudia got married to Scott on a sailboat! It was a beautiful day! Susan, a friend of ours who has a daughter Chloe's age, kept Chloe and Aaron for us. It's been a while since Simon and I have been on a date (I mean actually leaving the house without the kids. . .we sometimes watch a movie or something at home after they go to bed. . .)

Anyway the weather was nice and the sailboat ride was cool. However, 2 hours was a long time for me to be on the boat (being pregnant it only made my nausea a little worse). But, I survived and enjoyed myself (though I had scoped the place out to figure out where the best place would be to lean over the vote and vomit if the need arose--I decided to use a plastic sack, if that was necessary--avoid having the wind blow it all back in my face. . .okay, gross. Luckily I kept everything down.
Scott & Claudia
Then, after the boat ride, there was a dinner and dance reception. Very nice! We enjoyed the evening and are very happy for Scott and Claudia! Scott seems to be a great guy and he and his family really seem to love Claudia's two kiddoes--and the kiddoes seem to love them back! We're excited to have him in the family.

Below is a picture of Simon and I at the wedding. I didn't take my camera but Vipha emailed me a few of the great pics she took.
Natalie & Simon

Simon, Esther, Cesar, & Josh
Natalie, Esther, Sandra, & Vipha


  1. Hey Natalie, I have some pics on my photography blog. The link is on the sidebar of my other blog.

    Tell me what you think about the pics...

  2. Thanks! I didn't even think about checking your photography blog, duh!

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