Friday, July 11, 2008

LeVar Family Reunion 2008

Okay, I'm finally getting around to finishing my record of this event. It was the 2008 LeVar Family Reunion in Nashville, Tennesse. Hosted by Natalie's Aunt Freda and Uncle Chuck. I was off the zofran pump by the time we left and was able to get by with just taking a zofran pill in the morning and evening. I was able to enjoy the trip (though I did keep thinking about how great it will be when I get to go to subsequent ones NOT pregnant and really feel good enough to fully enjoy the festivities!)

We stayed with Nat's cousin Brad and his wife Zoe the first night we were there. It was nice to have some one-on-one time with them before the whole group was around. The next couple of nights we were at a hotel (the same one as Nat's other siblings & families and an aunt and uncle)

Friday night we had a yummy fried chicken picnic! The kids had a great time in the park (Aaron especially liked the sandbox and would pretend to be swimming in the sand. . .needless to say he was in need of a hose down when we got back to the hotel!).

On Saturday we had a pizza lunch at a cool YMCA water park. Chloe seemed to play especially well with Miroslava (Nat's cousin Rhett's daughter--see below).

Saturday Night was a yummy catered dinner/family talent show in the gym of their church building. Chloe and Aaron didn't perform, but enjoyed the other perfermances. Before the dinner, they discovered the nursery room with toys and spent a lot of time in there. . .

Below is a video with a short clip of Aaron and Barrett (Nat's cousin Brad's son) playing in the sandbox at the picnic (well, I think Barrett came and took a stick Aaron had and ran and Aaron ran after him--but didn't seem too bothered by it). Then a few of the kids on swings.

Also, is a short clip of Natalie's brother, Thad, doing the beginning of a karaoke song and then some clips of after it was all over and the kids were playing with the adults cleaned up.

On Sunday we drove back to Arkadelphia, spent the night with Nat's brother, Alan, and his family and then drove home to good ole Texas on Monday :-)

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