Thursday, September 18, 2008

"Blown away"

Okay, this is an entry for the ole journal so Chloe can read it when she's older. Yes, it's a bragging one about how smart my daughter is.

Well, a week or so ago I was talking with Chloe's pre-k teacher. She told me that she had been doing preliminary assessments on the kids to get a feel for where they are academically (letters, numbers, sounds, reading, shapes, etc.) and she told me that she was "blown away" by Chloe. She said she is excited to see how far she can go with Chloe this year. She's going to get some reading books from the kindergarten teachers for Chloe to bring home.

Chloe LOVES to read and is quite good. For the primary presentation last week at church the primary pres. (who knows Chloe can read) gave her a 10 line poem to read. She did well. I received lots of compliments from people who were very surprised she could read so well.

I should finish this entry off with a pic of Chloe reading a book :-) I guess I'll just have to add that later.

She loves pre-k!! I'm glad she's getting the chance to interact with a variety of kids her age and getting use to the structured school environment. She tells me about what they do and her friends. She's also made some comments about things that have been great opportunities for us to turn into a lesson on what to or not to do and how to treat others. It's fun seeing her expand her horizons!

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