Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fun in the. . . ICE!

The kids were so excited to go outside today and play in the "snow" and have a "snowball fight." I tried to explain to them that it wasn't snow, only ice, but they still wanted to go out in it. So we did for a bit. They enjoyed it, but were soon ready to go back in and have hot chocolate.
After we got back inside, Chloe asked when it was going to snow. . .we can always hope!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Breast milk

Okay, so Chloe is pushing her dolls in a baby carriage, I am nursing Emma, and Aaron comes to me with his Tigger doll and says is baby wants to drink milk. So, I tell him to go look for a pretend baby bottle in their room. A few minutes later, I hear Chloe tell him, "here use this. Put milk from your breast in it." Funny kids.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Santa Claus

This picture is from our ward's Christmas party. Santa visited and Aaron was willing to sit on his lap, but Chloe decided to opt out. She had been so excited to see him before we got to the activity, but once he showed up, she definitely did not want to sit in his lap! Oh, well, we try every year. . .

Apparently, when Aaron got up there, before Santa could say anything, he just blurted out "Thomas." Aaron just wanted to make sure Santa knew he wanted Thomas the Train things for Christmas. And, he keeps insisting that everything he got with Thomas was from Santa (we had this conversation again today: Aaron "I got those Thomas shoes from Santa" me "No, they were from Grandma LeVar" Aaron, "No from Santa!" me "No, Santa brought you the Thomas trains" Aaron "No the trains weren't from Santa, my shoes and blanket were" me "No, the blanket was from Aunt Yvonne and Uncle Thad" Aaron "No from Santa" Okay, probably not te exact words we exchanged, but you get the gist of it. Stubborn, cute boy!

Christmas Day 2008

Christmas morning was great! Chloe and Aaron were very excited with the gifts Santa left and set up for them and for the gifts they got from mom and dad, grandmas, and cousins. Aaron was all about Thomas this year and Chloe still loves princesses! This year was a year of games. They received several board and other games this year, so we've been watching less t.v. and playing LOTS of games over the past month!! It's fun :-)

We went to my sister, DeeAnn's, home that afternoon and had a delicious dinner/lunch with them and Dale's parents. The kids, of course, LOVE getting together with their cousins and we enjoyed the adult conversations and the food. It was a good day! But, we forgot to take any pictures at DeeAnn's. . .

Christmas Eve 2008

Christmas was great! (I know this post is a bit late. . .) We hosted Simon's family on Christmas Eve. His mom, sisters, brother, and their families all came (well, minus one niece and nephew who with their biological dad). It was lots of fun. Our camera was having issues (blurry, too much light, too dark. . .) so I just "borrowed" these pics from my sister-in-law's blog, thanks V! :-)
Okay, so I decided to post some of our blurry, not so great pics. But, they help tell the story of the evening :-)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Aaron and Thomas

So, I just finished making popcorn and the kids are watching the previews on the Wall-E dvd we're about to watch (family movie night ;-) , and I hear Aaron say "don't worry Thomas, it won't be scary." Then I see him watching with his good friend "Thomas the Train" on the floor next to him. Aaron LOVES Thomas the Train.

Princess rocking horse. . .

So, Chloe and Aaron are off playing while they wait (excitedly) for their friends, Brooke & Parker, to come over and play. I hear a knock at the door (or the doorbell?) and as I'm walking to the door I see Aaron's rocking horse dressed up and positioned right in front of the door as if to welcome our guests. I thought it was pretty darn funny. And, Chloe was being all nonchalant about it. Funny kids.
Front View
Back View

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sibling Pics

Just some pics from about a month ago of Chloe and Aaron with their new baby sister, Emma.


Well, our camera is having issues, so I can't seem to get a picture of the staples, but Aaron has 3 of them in his head. Poor little guy, we were at the Methodist Church on Friday for a Caring Christian Mothers meeting that I sometimes attend when he tripped and fell into the corner of a door and was crying hard!

Luckily, my fantastic friend, Joni, was there and immediately offered to take Chloe and Emma to her house while I took Aaron to the ER--(sooo nice to not have to be there with all three kids in tow!!) He was bleeding quite a bit and had a little gash in his head. However, by the time we got to the hospital he was acting like his normal self. He's quite a little trooper! He didn't even cry until the 3rd staple and then only for a couple of minutes until they gave him some chocolate ice cream and he hasn't complained since. I was quite impressed.