Thursday, January 22, 2009

Santa Claus

This picture is from our ward's Christmas party. Santa visited and Aaron was willing to sit on his lap, but Chloe decided to opt out. She had been so excited to see him before we got to the activity, but once he showed up, she definitely did not want to sit in his lap! Oh, well, we try every year. . .

Apparently, when Aaron got up there, before Santa could say anything, he just blurted out "Thomas." Aaron just wanted to make sure Santa knew he wanted Thomas the Train things for Christmas. And, he keeps insisting that everything he got with Thomas was from Santa (we had this conversation again today: Aaron "I got those Thomas shoes from Santa" me "No, they were from Grandma LeVar" Aaron, "No from Santa!" me "No, Santa brought you the Thomas trains" Aaron "No the trains weren't from Santa, my shoes and blanket were" me "No, the blanket was from Aunt Yvonne and Uncle Thad" Aaron "No from Santa" Okay, probably not te exact words we exchanged, but you get the gist of it. Stubborn, cute boy!

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