Sunday, January 11, 2009


Well, our camera is having issues, so I can't seem to get a picture of the staples, but Aaron has 3 of them in his head. Poor little guy, we were at the Methodist Church on Friday for a Caring Christian Mothers meeting that I sometimes attend when he tripped and fell into the corner of a door and was crying hard!

Luckily, my fantastic friend, Joni, was there and immediately offered to take Chloe and Emma to her house while I took Aaron to the ER--(sooo nice to not have to be there with all three kids in tow!!) He was bleeding quite a bit and had a little gash in his head. However, by the time we got to the hospital he was acting like his normal self. He's quite a little trooper! He didn't even cry until the 3rd staple and then only for a couple of minutes until they gave him some chocolate ice cream and he hasn't complained since. I was quite impressed.


  1. Goodness! Sounds like he did really well. I dont know if I could do that. Sounds like it would hurt quite a bit to get staples.

  2. Well, they did numb it first with something on a cotton ball (not a shot), so that made it a lot easier!