Monday, March 16, 2009

Green Eggs and . . . Bacon?

Chloe and Aaron love to help me cook! (even though I'm doing the cooking in the above pics, they do get to put all the ingredients in and stir some)
Also, it's like Aaron has a sixth sense about when I'm going to make something. The second I'm in the kitchen, he's right behind me pushing a chair to stand on. I rarely get the make something without his help these days. . .but that's okay, for the most part I do enjoy having them both help. Fun times.
At school the other day, Chloe's teacher made green eggs and ham for them. Ever since that day, Chloe has been bugging me to make "green eggs and ham." Well the other day we did just that. However, we didn't have any ham, but did have bacon. So, we made "green eggs and bacon" :-)

The next day Aaron wanted to make blue eggs. So, when we put the blue food coloring in, we quickly realized they would be green again, since the eggs are yellow and yellow and blue make green! Below is a picture of our blue/green eggs.


  1. So, you are all ready for green food tomorrow?

  2. Darn! I should've waited till tomorrow. . .guess we'll be making them again tomorrow :-) I forgot that tomorrow is St. Patricks day.