Sunday, March 29, 2009


So, Simon and I were out in the living room until a little after 10:00pm the other night. When I went back to our bedroom I found our light on and our little reader hiding on the floor near the far side of our bed reading Charlotte's Web. It's hard to get annoyed (even though she should've been in bed asleep) when she looks so cute reading one of my favorite books! Especially since it reminds me of me as a kid--always staying up late to finish a book.
But, alas, we did not let her continue to stay up and finish the book. We told her she needed to go to sleep and assured her she could read more in the morning. So, amid protests, she finally went to bed. . . (hey at least she came to our room to read rather than turning the light on in her room and waking up her brother--she and Aaron share a room--for that we are grateful)

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