Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Song Lyrics

Okay, just wondering why song lyrics get changed! My daughter came home singing the "Hi, my name is Joe" song (Hi, my name is Joe. I've got a wife and three kids and I work in a button factory. . .) She says, "Hello, my name is Joe and I work in a button factory. I have a wife and a dog and a family" plus when asked if he's busy he adds "sir" to the yes or no and he "pushes" the buttons rather than "turns" them.

Okay, I know in the scheme of things, who cares, but it's annoying. I could list many other songs that I feel the same way about that my children are learning with revised lyrics. . .granted sometimes I see the wisdom in the revisions, but often I see no need for it.

Okay, just wanted to get that off my chest.


  1. Our stake president sang "The Golden Plates" in our sacrament meeting on Sunday (yes he did) and commented that it's one that kids don't learn anymore - I was stunned to hear that! How can primary children be real primary children without knowing "The Golden Plates"?!?!

    Progress. Bleah.

  2. It seems like wherever you live, that's how you learn the words to those silly children's songs. In the north, we never added sir to anything. When I learned the Joe song, it was, "Hi! My name is Joe and I work in a button facotory. I've got a wife and 1 kid (the number of kids would add on showing that he's been pushing the buttons for awhile). And yes, we pushed the buttons. It must be geographical!

  3. Michelle--okay, you're probably right. This is one of those that just varies all the time anyway (like I grew up saying "football" for reindeer games while others say "monopoly" in the Rudolf song). However, the story time lady at the Haltom City Library sang the Joe song with the same lyrics I remembered. . .but Chloe's pre-school does it different. So, geography may or may not have much to do with it. . .or maybe the library lady learned it in Arkansas where I learned it :-) who knows!

    And, Sylvia, I agree! Great song.