Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Actually. . .

Emma's first haircut. Her hair was getting so long in the back for a 5 month old!! Poor kid was getting hot and sweaty on the back of her neck, so we decided to cut it. Below are the before and after pics.

Grandma LeVar smiled big when she saw her. She' been telling me to get that baby a haircut for a while (she prefers short hair anyway on kiddoes).

Aaron, however, had a different reaction. He said, "Actually, that is what a boy looks like, Emma." He repeated that to her a few times--I don't think she quite got it cause she just smiled back and him with her big cute, happy smile :-) She's a very smiley baby!


  1. "Masculine" appearance notwithstanding, I bet Emma was really excited to get rid of her mullet! :-)

  2. Yeah, I've been telling Simon for weeks that we needed to cut it cause it looked like a mullet!! Thanks for noticing ;-)