Saturday, May 9, 2009

Easter Weekend

Okay, yes, way past due. . .Easter weekend was lots of fun. My sister, Lori, had brought my mom back to our home the weekend before (drove her and all her belongings from Mississippi). Then, Easter weekend, she (Lori) came back with her husband (Dan) and their three kids (William, Ann, and Sarah). It was a fun weekend. The kids enjoyed going to the annual Easter Egg Hunt put on by Brian and Chalea Blair (from our ward). Then had fun times coloring eggs and looking for them Easter morning around our house (yeah for 1:30 church on Easter :-)

Chloe and Aaron were so excited to have a "sleepover!" with their cousins. They all slept in the same room. Between an air mattress and a bed (both queen size) they all found a place to sleep. It was fun hearing the talking and laughter coming out of that room after the lights were turned out. I also heard them discussing whether or not they heard the Easter Bunny in the next room. (it was me they heard in the kitchen)--I came in and told them that the Easter Bunny would not come until they are asleep (just like Santa--we had a conversation the day before in the car about how Santa and the Easter Bunny are magical friends). So, then, after I left, every once in a while I'd hear a loud "shhh, go to sleep or the Easter Bunny won't come." It brought back fun memories of my childhood--especially get-togethers with my cousins!

Action shots at the Blair's annual Easter Egg hunt!
Success! Chloe and her cousin Sarah

Painting Eggs for the Easter Bunny to hide.

Looking for eggs Easter morning:

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