Friday, June 19, 2009

Baby Food

So, my friend Olivia steams and purees veggies (i.e. butternut squash, green peas, green beans, etc.) and puts it in ice cube trays to freeze individual portions and then pours them into a large freezer bag. And, voila, individual baby food servings. What a fantastic idea!!! I started doing this and it’s GREAT! So far, I’ve only done frozen peas and fresh butternut squash. It has worked like a charm! I’m so excited about it!


  1. That is pretty fun! I used to do that znd cereal for Eli

  2. Hey Natalie, I forgot to tell you, check out my Sis' blog. She makes some awesome stuff for babies. All natural ingredients.

  3. I had neve thought of freezing the baby food in ice cube trays before. That's cool that you did that too. Wish I would've stumbled across that idea with my first two. . .I'll check out your sister's blog.