Tuesday, June 16, 2009

When it rains it pours. . .

So, about two weeks ago I am outside and notice quite a bit of standing water on the ground near the side of our house. It had not rained for days and I could not see a trail from the house. Then I noticed that some of the water was moving and it just appeared to be coming from nowhere. I knew immediately that something was amiss. So, I called for Simon to come see. I was sure we were going to have a call a plumber. It was a Saturday and we decided we’d have to wait until Monday (well, actually Tuesday, since that Monday was Memorial Day).
So, Tuesday, a plumber comes out, briefly looks it over, and says it appears to be a break in the drainage line in the foundation coming from the washing machine. ( job that will be at least $1000.) Great. (heavy sarcasm). So, I call around to a couple of other plumbers (referrals from Simon’s boss) and get one to come out for a second opinion. They do a much more thorough examination and discover a major blockage in the line under the kitchen floor. . . unable to clear it by running a long, electric something or another through the kitchen clean-out under the sink. Plumber thinks the line may be damaged there as well.

Friday, they send out a guy to start digging. They’re going to dig under the foundation to get to the problem in order to fix it. Guy starts digging, hits locks of rocks, digging is slow and tedious (I imagine digging sideways under a house’s foundation couldn’t be anything but. . .). Guy gets far enough for them to run the long, loud, electric thingy through the pipe and are able to clear the blockage under the kitchen floor. Yeah! That, hopefully, means the line is not broken :)

Plumber leaves us at the end of the day on a Friday with instructions to avoid using the kitchen sink, dishwasher, and washing machine until they come back on Monday and can run a camera through the line (now that it’s cleared they can check to make sure everything is okay further down the line). (the problem at the end of the drain line had not yet been fixed—just discovered—so in order for them to be able to access the area without a small lake to wade through, we obliged.)

Fun weekend of washing dishes in the bathroom sinks (Simon had a better idea when he took the take out part of our large roaster, put it in the bathtub, and washed dishes in it. Smart man. Bathroom sinks are just to small to wash most kitchen items. . .as I had discovered).
Monday comes, they put a camera through the line. . .bad news, the pipe under the kitchen sink is all corroded and part of it is missing the bottom part as well as having a “belly” spot where water collects. . . heavy sigh. Main plumber guy (owner) comes out and gives us three options. Then sends us an estimate for each one. . . cheapest one being about $6000. And, I forgot to mention my conversations with our insurance agent. Our house insurance does not cover damage from water leakage if the problem was over time and not caused by a specific event. (the foundation to our house is old and has cast iron plumbing tubes that I guess corrode over time. . .now they use PVC)

So, on Monday, we have yet another plumber coming out for a second opinion and repair bid estimate.

And, our DSL modem keeps kicking us off the Internet. I’ve been on the phone several times this week with AT&T people and at this point they’ve done everything on their end and it appears we just need to buy a new modem. (which is, thankfully, a lot less than $6000)--hence this post was written days before I actually got to post it (wrote it in MSWord and copied and pasted it today)--hopefully the Internet will stay connected long enough for me to post it. . .

But, on a brighter note, I did find our camera a few weeks ago. Simon had put it in a random spot and forgotten. . .been looking for that thing for weeks!!!


  1. Oh MAN! And I was feeling bad about the crack in my kitchen sink and dead oven. I am so sorry for you! What a pain.

    Home ownership: the money pit.

  2. Yes, money pit is so true!! Oh well.