Sunday, September 27, 2009


Rain and Piano

A week or so again when we were having a rash of lots of rain, I walked into the living room to this cute scene (though the scene I first saw but didn't catch on the camera was even cuter cause Aaron had his arm around Emma). Cute!! Aaron had opened the window and they were watching the rain through the window screne. I love rain!
Our little squirt can now reach the piano--she's so proud of herself! And, what a cute big brother :)


Chloe's soccer team
Aaron's soccer team

Haven't played much. . .been a lot of rain. . .hopefully will get to have practices AND a game this week! Here's hopin'

6 Years Old!!! & Camping!!

Chloe's birthday breakfast of pancakes, scrambled eggs, and milk. We were going to bring it to her in bed. . .but she woke up before I had it all finished and then said she didn't want to eat it in bed--likes to keep it clean :)
Chloe's pink princess cake!! (she helped me make it)
Chloe and her cousin, Christian, with the pinata Chloe, Aaron and I made! Christian helped us get it all hooked up with a rope and ready to hit :)
Presents!!! (Aaron, Alexis, Natalee, and Chloe)
Yeah for our pop-up gazebo! Shade is a wonderful thing :)
We fit two airmattresses and a pack-n-play in that tent. We even had a little room to spare :)
Now, if only the wind hadn't blown so hard around 1 or 2:00am and woke Emma up. . .other than that, she was quite a good lil' camper :0)
Aaron and Emma--Chloe still asleep? (btw--Emma did not sleep with Aaron and Chloe--she was in her pack-n-play)
Ahh. . .they do love each other :)
Chloe gives her Uncle Cesar a big hug!!
Emma enjoyed some of the sights from her Pack-N-Play
Chloe and her cousin, Alexis, doing some fishing. (it was Aaron and Chloe's first time to fish--they enjoyed it, but didn't catch anything this time.)
Chloe and Aaron
Simon's sister, Sandra, her husband, Josh, Natalie & Chloe
Cesar, Vipha, Elijah--beautiful campgrouds!
*Simon's sister, Sandra, her husband, Josh, and their kids, Alexis and Christian, all camped overnight with us. It was fun. On Friday night we roasted marshmellows and ate smores. Chloe and Aaron were SOO excited to get sleep in a tent. The weather was perfect!! Not too cold (cold enough we had to bundle up for the night--but not freezing--nice and cozy), and definitely not to warm (well. . .not too warm until mid-morning on Saturday--it started to really warm up by the time we left). And, no rain !! Hip hip horray :) (since it's been raining almost nonstop for the last few weeks. . .)
*On Saturday the kids played at a fun little playground. Simon's brother, Cesar, his wife, Vipha, and their kids, Nick, Nate, & Natalee joined us for lunch and a birthday celebration for Chloe on Saturday.
Fun times!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

"Do you need something for your breasts??"

What Aaron asked me rather loudly in Wal-Mart today as we were walking past the bras. . .maybe they shouldn't be visible from the aisles :)

And, when I gently ssshh'ed him, he whispered the same question to me. . .(followed by a smile)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Smiles. . .Happy

So, apparently in his class at church yesterday (Sunbeams), Aaron learned that when you smile it "makes people happy again." So. . .all day almost immediately after he got caught doing something he's not suppose to, he turned and looked at me with a huge grin on his face to "make me happy again." It's the cutest darn smile in the world. I will have to take a picture of him with the goofy grin on his face tomorrow and post it with this entry.

So, I think now he thinks it's okay to do something wrong as long as he smiles right after doing it. . .poor Emma, he's been sitting, hugging, etc. on her all day until she starts to complain about it and I say "Aaron" in my 'what are you doing--please leave her alone' voice and then he gets in Emma's face with a big smile and turns to look at me with that his big cheesy grin.

(hmm. . .maybe I can come up with yet another paragraph that starts with "So". . .)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Aaron's 1st Salon Haircut--a month or so ago

We love that Simon's sister, Sandra, is attending the Ogle School of Hair Design! It's great for the whole family :)

So far, my mom (Karma), Aaron, and I have gone to have our hair cut by her at the school's student salon. (Chloe has opted out because the only thing she wants is for her hair to be longer. . .it's pretty long already).
Aaron also, at first, asked for his hair to be longer and picked out a picture of a little girl with a bob when I asked him how he wanted his hair cut. But, thankfully, he changed his mind when I pointed out the picture of the little boy with a cute short haircut.

Anyway, below are pictures of Aaron's experience at the salon. He was quite the sport. He was in that chair getting his haircut for about 1 1/2 hours!

He was especially excited to get his hair washed! He had come with my mom and I a week earlier with the plans to get his hair cut, but we ran out of time (Sandra is very detail oriented/perfectionist and it took her a while to cut my hair and my mom's--Aaron was quite a sport and did pretty well being stuck at a salon watching us get our hair washed and cut for 3 hours!)

So, he and I came back about a week later for his cut--just the two of us. Good mommy and me time :) By the time we got home he was sound asleep in his carseat.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

BYU OU Game @ new Cowboy's Stadium

Way fun game!! What a fantastic stadium!! Loved the humungous screen where they replayed EVERY play so I didn't miss a thing!!
(notice the sea of red. . .poor OU fans. What a disappointing loss for them.) What a fantastic, unexpected win for BYU!!! YOO HOO Go Cougars!! (fun cheering--felt like I was back in college again :)
My brother and his son and excited fans!
Our stadium neighbors
BYU Quarterback, Max Hall
My brother and his family from Arkansas, my sister from Mississippi and her family, my aunt from Florida, and my sister here in Texas all came! Fun times! Simon and I originally had offerred to babysit everyone's kiddoes while they went (not because we didn't want to go, just economical reasons), but then my sister and her husband here in Texas decided to give us their tickets (they've been stressed out by job searching, selling house, etc. etc. and decided to just go home and relax instead of going to the game). So, YOO HOO! We found a babysitter and got to g0 (and my sis did end up going too because my brother decided not to take his youngest son, so she got his ticket).

So, to make that long story a bit shorter, thanks to my fantastic sister (DeeAnn) and her great hubby (Dale), Simon and I got to attend the awesome game at the fabulous new stadium! :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Okay, I was just watching the news. . .story about a speech on education that President Obama is apparently giving sometime soon to students across the country.

So, Plano school district (in north Texas) is planning to have the speech available to students on their website, but apparently due to numerous calls from concerned parents are not going to "interrupt" the school day to show the speech.

Is it just me, or does it seem simply asinine to anyone else that any person would be upset about the prospect of, heaven forbid, "interrupting" the great learning taking place during the school day to watch a speech from, oh, the president of the United States?

I don't care who the president is (Bush, Clinton, Carter, Nixon, etc. etc.) I would think that a speech from the President to the students is in and of itself educational (this coming from a former History teacher).

Please comment, I'm just curious what others think!