Sunday, September 27, 2009

6 Years Old!!! & Camping!!

Chloe's birthday breakfast of pancakes, scrambled eggs, and milk. We were going to bring it to her in bed. . .but she woke up before I had it all finished and then said she didn't want to eat it in bed--likes to keep it clean :)
Chloe's pink princess cake!! (she helped me make it)
Chloe and her cousin, Christian, with the pinata Chloe, Aaron and I made! Christian helped us get it all hooked up with a rope and ready to hit :)
Presents!!! (Aaron, Alexis, Natalee, and Chloe)
Yeah for our pop-up gazebo! Shade is a wonderful thing :)
We fit two airmattresses and a pack-n-play in that tent. We even had a little room to spare :)
Now, if only the wind hadn't blown so hard around 1 or 2:00am and woke Emma up. . .other than that, she was quite a good lil' camper :0)
Aaron and Emma--Chloe still asleep? (btw--Emma did not sleep with Aaron and Chloe--she was in her pack-n-play)
Ahh. . .they do love each other :)
Chloe gives her Uncle Cesar a big hug!!
Emma enjoyed some of the sights from her Pack-N-Play
Chloe and her cousin, Alexis, doing some fishing. (it was Aaron and Chloe's first time to fish--they enjoyed it, but didn't catch anything this time.)
Chloe and Aaron
Simon's sister, Sandra, her husband, Josh, Natalie & Chloe
Cesar, Vipha, Elijah--beautiful campgrouds!
*Simon's sister, Sandra, her husband, Josh, and their kids, Alexis and Christian, all camped overnight with us. It was fun. On Friday night we roasted marshmellows and ate smores. Chloe and Aaron were SOO excited to get sleep in a tent. The weather was perfect!! Not too cold (cold enough we had to bundle up for the night--but not freezing--nice and cozy), and definitely not to warm (well. . .not too warm until mid-morning on Saturday--it started to really warm up by the time we left). And, no rain !! Hip hip horray :) (since it's been raining almost nonstop for the last few weeks. . .)
*On Saturday the kids played at a fun little playground. Simon's brother, Cesar, his wife, Vipha, and their kids, Nick, Nate, & Natalee joined us for lunch and a birthday celebration for Chloe on Saturday.
Fun times!

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