Friday, September 11, 2009

Aaron's 1st Salon Haircut--a month or so ago

We love that Simon's sister, Sandra, is attending the Ogle School of Hair Design! It's great for the whole family :)

So far, my mom (Karma), Aaron, and I have gone to have our hair cut by her at the school's student salon. (Chloe has opted out because the only thing she wants is for her hair to be longer. . .it's pretty long already).
Aaron also, at first, asked for his hair to be longer and picked out a picture of a little girl with a bob when I asked him how he wanted his hair cut. But, thankfully, he changed his mind when I pointed out the picture of the little boy with a cute short haircut.

Anyway, below are pictures of Aaron's experience at the salon. He was quite the sport. He was in that chair getting his haircut for about 1 1/2 hours!

He was especially excited to get his hair washed! He had come with my mom and I a week earlier with the plans to get his hair cut, but we ran out of time (Sandra is very detail oriented/perfectionist and it took her a while to cut my hair and my mom's--Aaron was quite a sport and did pretty well being stuck at a salon watching us get our hair washed and cut for 3 hours!)

So, he and I came back about a week later for his cut--just the two of us. Good mommy and me time :) By the time we got home he was sound asleep in his carseat.

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