Tuesday, September 8, 2009

BYU OU Game @ new Cowboy's Stadium

Way fun game!! What a fantastic stadium!! Loved the humungous screen where they replayed EVERY play so I didn't miss a thing!!
(notice the sea of red. . .poor OU fans. What a disappointing loss for them.) What a fantastic, unexpected win for BYU!!! YOO HOO Go Cougars!! (fun cheering--felt like I was back in college again :)
My brother and his son and excited fans!
Our stadium neighbors
BYU Quarterback, Max Hall
My brother and his family from Arkansas, my sister from Mississippi and her family, my aunt from Florida, and my sister here in Texas all came! Fun times! Simon and I originally had offerred to babysit everyone's kiddoes while they went (not because we didn't want to go, just economical reasons), but then my sister and her husband here in Texas decided to give us their tickets (they've been stressed out by job searching, selling house, etc. etc. and decided to just go home and relax instead of going to the game). So, YOO HOO! We found a babysitter and got to g0 (and my sis did end up going too because my brother decided not to take his youngest son, so she got his ticket).

So, to make that long story a bit shorter, thanks to my fantastic sister (DeeAnn) and her great hubby (Dale), Simon and I got to attend the awesome game at the fabulous new stadium! :)


  1. So jealous! Eric and I were "this close" to coming down for the game, but decided we wanted to use the money to finish the basement instead. Maybe next time there's a game in Texas!

  2. Would've been fun for yall!! But, I'm sure you made the right choice. You'll enjoy that basement for a lot longer than the thrill of the game :)