Saturday, October 3, 2009

Potty Training Woes. . .

Okay, so my cute, adorable, fun, energetic, frustrating, obnoxious little 3 year old is once again back in plain ole diapers (yes, he will be 4 next month). He's very strongwilled (what 3 year old isn't, right?). We've been trying to train him since he was 2. Trouble is, the harder you push this little one, the harder he pushes back (normal though, right?)

So, we've tried about every possible technique known to man. I just wished I could turn back the clock and we wouldn't have started until he was older. I tried to get my dear sweet husband to back off on many occassions, but well we just haven't seen eye-to-eye on this issue (part of the problem).

We've done instant rewards, charts, potty in front of the t.v., story time and games while on the potty (well, that was all Simon--for a while there he would spend up to an hour or so with them on the pot playing games--this was all a year or so ago. When I took them to the potty, I maybe read a couple of books, but if they didn't go by then, it was okay and we'd try again later.)

So, okay, the past is in the past and now we're here. For the last 6 months he goes on the potty when he wants to and will go to get a treat (if he's in the mood), but it's ALL about CONTROL with him. I have to figure out a way to make sure he fully believes that it's all his decision to stay dry.

So, about a month or so ago I began to really wonder if he indeed had a bladder control issue because I would take him to the potty and then take him again 30 min. later (sometimes sooner) and he would've already gone again in his pull-up.

But, knowing my little guy, I had a sneaking suspicion he had the control, but was just playing games with me. So, I decided to take him to church in regular underwear. It was fantastic! He went to the bathroom when I took him (no complaining or screaming--apparently he prefers public restrooms to ours at home) and came home dry. But, once we were home if I tried to take him to the potty it was "I don't need to go potty" and "I promise I will tell you when I need to go" followed by my eventually checking his pull-up and it'd be wet or dirty. . .every once in a blue moon he'll actually tell me if he needs a diaper change.

So, for 4 weeks or so, I left him in regular underwear during the day and diapers at night. It was always the same story, if we were out and about, he was fine--liked using the public restrooms--but at home, well, accident after accident and he NEVER had to go when I tried to take him (but then, he would mysteriously be wet just five minutes later. . .hmm)--even when he was having to clean the poop out of his own underwear. . .and did he tell me he was poopie or wet??? Of course not--I always had to just figure it out.

So, for 4 weeks I think we actually had one day where he stayed dry all day, so I know it's possible. We rewarded and praised. . .to no avail. After a few weeks of excitement (I was really thinking we had made a breakthrough and he was going to decide he prefers dry underwear, but alas, he doesn't. He continued to pee and poop in his underwear (on purpose, mind you) until a few days ago and I finally gave up, declared him the winner, and put him back in regular diapers.

I'm done. When he wants to be potty trained he'll just have to let me know. . .

Suggestions are welcome, but most likely, I've already thought of it, tried it, and it failed. . . I think I'll wait until Emma is 4 before I'll even attempt to introduce her to the potty (unless she insists on it before that and just does it all on her own---here's hoping!)

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  1. you dont see kindergarteners in diapers...he is a smart kid...he'll decide on his own time....let him wear a diaper.