Monday, December 7, 2009

Simon the "Architect" well, almost. . . :)

Simon found out today that he past the last architecture licensingexam he took. It was his final one!!! YIPPEE!! He's now finished with all of the exams.

Now he needs to finish entering in his internship hours over the past two years into their appropriate categories (there are 15 categories in which he has to have a certain number of post-graduate school internship hours.Categories such as design, construction, office management, community something or another etc. etc.)

He has kept detailed time sheets, but since he's been pre-occupied with studying he hasn't gotten them all logged in. It'll probably take him another few weeks to a month to get that all entered in and see exactly in which categories he needs more hours. We're sure his boss will be helpful in letting him get the hours he needs in his deficient categories. We are so excited!!!

A big "WooHoo!!"

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