Monday, December 27, 2010

Chloe's 7th birthday 2010 VIDEO clips

Other kids not previously pictured: Caylin, Bradley, Ava, Nathanial, Gabriel, Erica

Chloe's 7th birthday 2010

September 25, 2010
Strawberry cake made by mommy! :)
Pinata--Princess Castle (also made by mommy) --notice the cool strings
attached so all the kids get to pull on the count of 3 and out comes the
candy in the middle!! :) Daddy--the great pinata holder :)
Friends decorating treat bags
Friends & bday girl (Kierable, Chloe, Daisy, Cheyenne, Gabe, Emma P,
Aaron, Mackenzie, Jasmine, Austin)

Talia (friend hitting the "inside" segment of the pinata--due to wet outside conditions)

Monday, August 23, 2010

1st Day of School 2010

Aw my sweet, sweet kiddoes! They both had a great first day of school. Aaron's in pre-k and Chloe's in 1st grade this year. Neither one had any difficulty saying goodbye mom and see ya later!
And, I had a great day too! Emma and I went to the store and then played in the playroom for a bit. Then, Emma had lunch and a wonderful 2 1/2 hour nap while I actually stayed busy getting things done around the house.
Wow! This new schedule might actually get me to organize my home/life/family and get a few other projects done was well. Here's hoping since I'm off to a good start :)

(random thought: I was sick (throwing up kind) Saturday night and I had flashbacks of pregnancy and thought about how wonderful it is to have the two oldest in school, one at home, and not have to be dealing with the constant nausea I had during pregnancy. I look back and have no idea how I go through three pregnancies like that--well, actually, I do know--the Lord's help (including the personal strength He gave me and those whose hands He used to help me.)
That thought really has nothing to do with this post except this is the first time I've had one baby at home at the almost 2 age and am able to fully enjoy her cause I'm not sick with pregnancy. (because when Chloe was 2, I was pregnant with Aaron, and when Aaron was 2, he anc Chloe were still both at home all day during the school year. ) Just something I'm grateful for at this particular point in my life.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

School starts tomorrow!!

Wow! School starts tomorrow. My 6 year old will be in 1st grade and my 4 year old in full-day pre-K!! Wow! They are both excited (as am I!). Haven't posted much this summer. It's been a fun summer! We had season passes to NRH2O this summer and we've had lots of fun cooling off in the water there!!

well, i'm out of thoughts for now. think i'll go take a much needed nap--am currently home by myself (hubby and kids at church) trying to get over a stomach/intestinal bug. I'm ready to eat something besides white rice, but I don't dare yet. . .

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Kindergarten Graduation May 2010!

The Happy Graduate :) Fun day for Chloe!
Three of the spectators :) (Esther, Simon, & Emma--Nat's taking the pics)

More LeVar Reunion pics

Chloe loved riding the horse!

Chloe & Aaron helping guide the horse with daddy riding :)
Feeding the horse:

Fun with cousins!

Lovin' the outdoors:

Natalie's dad's grave in Arkansas:

LeVar Family Reunion 2010

The reunion was in June (Father's Day weekend). So, I'm a bit late posting them. We had a great trip to Columbus, MS! It was way hot and humid but fun. We stayed with Nat's sister (and reunion organizer this year)--Lori. These pictures are all out of whack as far as any type of order. Oh, well.

Aaron rode once. . .

And then he wanted to help guide the horse:

Aaron's sister and female cousins had fun dressing him up. It was too cute not to post :) I'm sure one day he'll make me delete them. . .

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Things I'll miss as the years go by. . .

Aaron getting off the potty with his underwear and pants pulled down to his ankles and waddling to the toilet to flush then quickly trying to waddle away while it flushes. . . one day he'll finally decide to follow my instructions and pull his underwear and pants up first before he flushes--but, hey, where's the fun in that??

Emma running on her short little baby legs.

Chloe on the floor reading by her nightlight (when she's suppose to be in bed).

Aaron's never ending supply of kisses.

Emma's cute baby smile and laugh.

Chloe's hugs and "I love you" s

An many more things that I hope to record at random times before I forget them. . .

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

You Are My Sunshine (kiss kiss)

This is Aaron's comfort song to Emma. On many occassions, I have come upon Emma crying and Aaron singing to her (sometimes it calms her down, and well, sometimes it doesn't). Either way, it's awfully cute. Of course, this video below is staged (I told him to sing it for the video), but the scene is much more precious when I catch it candidly.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

General Conference

Okay, so I didn't realize until the brother giving one of the last talks (can't remember his name--hard to pay close attention to details with three little ones running around. . .) said that they are not given specific topics or themes for conference talks. I may have heard that before, but it never registered until this time. Cool. So, I guess that means that the Lord really wants us to better understand the role of parents in teaching their children since I think that theme came across in almost all the talks in all four sessions! (at least all the ones that I was able to pay any attention too--again, note, 3 young kids running around. . .

Which brings me to how grateful I am for technology and being able to watch General Conference at home. Growing up we always had to go out to the church to see it on the satellite t.v. connection out there. My parents ALWAYS attended all 4 sessions. That made a huge impact on me when I went to college. I remember my freshman year at BYU when the October General Conference came around and I realized that I could skip the whole thing if I wanted. . .(ya know realizing your newfound total indepence--or at least thinking I had that much independence or something like that).

Regardless, I remember consciously thinking that I supposed since I was an adult now, I should watch all 4 sessions of conference since my parents always did (they didn't require us kids to watch all 4, if I remember correctly, at least 1 when we turned 8 and two or three as a teenager? not sure.) Actually, I remember loving conference weekend as a kid cause I got to go out to the church while my parents watched the Saturday sessions and play with my friend, AnnMarie. I fondly remember playing in the classrooms and in the big back yard of the church that was adjacent to some woods. (our parents, the missionaries, and possible a few more people were generally the only ones out there on Saturday). Then, on Sunday, in between the sessions, our branch always had a delicious potluck dinner! It was always good eating!! And a great break after having to (um, I mean "getting to") sit 2 hours watching the Sunday morning session (and my parents philosophy was that once we were 8 years old we needed to listen, not color or write--always a bit jealous of my friend, AnnMarie, who was still allowed to color and write during church after turning 8).

Okay, so back to being grateful to being at home to watch conference. Now that I'm a mom, it sure is nice to be able to just go put the baby in her crib for her nap while I return to watch conference. And to let the kids play around us (or better yet, when they decide to go to their room and play--ahh, I actually get to pay close attention for a bit). Okay, maybe not "better yet" cause I also love that when they are out playing while we watch they do occassionally pick up on something (normally a familier word or one they think is funny) which allows me to interact with them about what the speaker is talking about. Or rewind the t.v. when a speaker is telling a story and some pictures come up on the screen of a children's book or children so that they can see it. Though, I'm not so excited when they are blocking each other's view on purpose and then loud protests and crying ensue. . .or when they're playing and just start arguing about something and loud protests and crying ensue again. . .okay, could do without those incidents.

But, overall, love the ability to be home to watch conference rather than dragging the kiddoes out to the church four times in one weekend (the fond memories I mentioned earlier were when I was old enough to remember, therefore, not a baby. I'm sure my parents did not relish attending conference at the church with 6 kids. I'll have to ask my mom about that. . .get some stories--family history.

Anyway, that said, this weekend's conference was great! Lots of talks about our parental responsibilities to teach & nurture our children. A great reminder to me to re-evaluate what/how I'm doing in that regard and make some much needed changes. Someone also mentioned how losing your temper is always a negative thing. That's something I've been thinking about and talking with Simon about a lot lately--what I say is that yelling is always bad parenting. So, why do I still do it so much??? I really am trying and I do realize I am a much more effective parent when I speak in a normal tone of voice. But, also, how come, so often, my kids do not respond to me when I'm talking to them (even when I've repeated the same thing--i.e. calling their name--numerous times times in a normal voice) until I yell. Then, I suddenly have their attention. Feeling the need to get something accomplished without wasting anymore time, I often resorted to yelling in those cases. I don't keep yelling, just yell their name or what I asked them to do and then return to a normal voice. I still don't think that's a good idea, but I still do it . . .

I would be a much more effective parent if I would get my act together and communicate better to my children exactly what my expectations are before the fact. Or something like that. Anyone else out there ever get that bogged down/a bit overhwhelmed feeling when you think about how to get the household organized enough that everyone knows exactly what's going on and when and what's expected? I'm not talking about having everything all scheduled out all the time, just making sure my kids. . . something, I can't even explain what I'm thinking or feeling in words. I would love if we could communicate our thoughts and feelings rather than having to translate them into words. . .a seemingly limited form of communication.

Anyway, enjoyed conference, working on being a better parent.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Shhhh. . .I don't want the bug to hear me.

I'm outside with Aaron the other day. He comes to me, whispering "look mom, there's a bee getting nectar from that flower" (wow, didn't even know he knew the word 'nectar').
Me (whispering back), "oh, yeah, it is. Follow me." (we proceed to walk to the backyard to water the garden). Aaron is still whispering, so I'm still whispering too.
Me, "why are we whispering?"
Aaron, "I don't want the bee to hear me."

A couple of days later in the back yard Aaron comes up to me, whispering again, "mom, look there's a bug on my arm." I see what appears to be a microscopic gnat and whisper back, "Yeah, it is. Why are we whispering?" Aaron, "because I don't want the bug to hear me!" Me (both of us still whispering), "oh, okay."

Friday, February 19, 2010

Yucky food/Yummy food

some more random pics

These are all from a while ago:

Just a cute face :)

I remember walking into this scene and just thinking it was cute. Soon after we put a child lock on the cabinet with the cereal boxes. . .

This was really cute. I came in and Chloe and Aaron were "camping" in their room. Tents, toothbrushes, toothpaste, cup for water, and a spit cup. When I first discovered them (before I had the camera) they were brushing their teeth. But, the time I got the camera, this was them.

Just a cute pic

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Our street. There seriously was at least 6-8 inches of snow in our yard!!! Fun times!
Chloe's snowbaby with hair :)

Our snowman.
Little bit didn't stay out very long--too cold and wet for her!

Daddy and the kiddoes

Mommy and Chloe

Chloe and her gargantuous snowball!
Aaron making a snow angel and Chloe building the snowman.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Too many video games. . . ?

The scene:
Aaron and I are at the park today playing hide n seek. The place is empty (of course, high was in the 40's today), but my crazy son and I went outside to play.

Aaron, "now it's time go to level two. We both count." yes, again, we are the only two playing.

after a round of level two. . .

Aaron, "now it's time for the hard round--level 3. We both count and hide."
Me--thinking 'um, okay, this ought to be ineteresting. . .'

I don't necessarily recommend Hide N Seek Levels 1-3, but Aaron and I, we had a good time :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

When will I get potty trained. . .

A few days ago:

Chloe, "When is Aaron going to get potty trained?"
Aaron, "I told you, before I die."


Me (being inspired from something a member of our stake presidency said yesterday during the combined 3rd hour), "Aaron, daddy's job is to go to work and earn money so we can buy food. Chloe's job is to go to school and learn. And, your job is to get potty trained so we don't have to spend money on diapers for you anymore."
Aaron, "I'm going to get potty trained when I'm a daddy because daddy's go potty all the time."
Me [insert chuckle], "Oh, well, I hope you're potty trained long before that. Ya know four-year-olds go potty all the time too."
Aaron [sheepish grin/smirk], "No, there's one four-year-old that doesn't go potty, but goes in his diaper all the time. . ."

[grrr--he's just so darn cute about it]

Oh, that's what a testimony is. . .

Me, "What do you think of when you here the word 'testimony'?"
Chloe, "Prayer"
Me, "Yes, praying is how we get our testimony."
Chloe, "No, a testimony is just like a prayer except you get to keep your eyes open. But, you still end with 'amen'."

-at least now I know she does pay some attention during Testimony Meetings at church. :)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Tonight's Family Home Evening

Opening Song, (Chloe's pick) "How Firm a Foundation" (she wants me to play it in time with it on the computer where the words show up--on, trying to play it that fast (not one I've practiced) had to leave out several notes. . .

Opening Prayer, (Aaron), "Dear Heavenly Father, please bless that we'll have a quick Family Home Evening and bless the treats. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."

Lesson (Simon), "What did you learn in your class on Sunday?" (Natalie) "Did you learn about Jesus?" followed by some open ended questions and guidance on some spur of the moment lesson material. . .

Meanwhile. . . Chloe starts rolling around on the floor, laughing, "Oh, my butt." repeated over and over and over and over. . .and then Aaron (little repeat) follows suit and Emma just toddles around them laughing. . .

Natalie "Alright, time for a closing song. . ."

Monday, January 25, 2010

Things I LOVE!

I love the way Aaron says his r's kind of like w's but hard to describe. . .way too cute, will be sad when he outgrows it or goes to speech therapy to correct it in elementary school. . .

I love Chloe & Aaron's hugs and I love you's.

I love Simon's sexy smile!

I love Emma's happy demeanor.

I love Chloe's silliness.

I love listening to Chloe and Aaron playing and laughing together.

I love listening to Chloe & Aaron playing with Emma and getting her to laugh.

I love dancing with my sweet hubby.

I love dancing with my kiddoes too.

I love eating good food.

I love reading a well-written suspense novel.

I love listening to Emma's baby talk.

I love the gospel of Jesus Christ.

*there are many other things I love as well, but these are the ones on my mind right now :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Christmas Pic and Letter 2009

December 2009

Dear Family and Friends,

Merry Christmas!! We are so grateful for the birth of the Savior, the perfect life he lived, and the Atonement. The Christmas Season can be such a fantastic time of year—especially with young children. The magic of it all comes to life. We enjoy seeing Christmas light displays on homes, listening to Christmas music (especially on the radio’s “Christmas Station”), writing letters to Santa, baking cookies, and wrapping gifts for others. We are trying to teach our kids the joys of serving others, but (of course) always need to do better.

We feel very blessed and have had a good year. Simon finished (and passed!) his final architectural licensing exam. YOOHOO!! We are very excited for him. A few more hoops to jump through and he should have his license soon. He enjoys his calling as the primary teacher for the 11-12 year old boys and assistant scout leader.

Natalie tries to balance her life of kids and taking care of her mother. She enjoys her calling as the ward activities chairperson since she likes to organize and delegate (especially delegate J).

Chloe loves being in Kindergarten this year. She loves to read and is even on her school’s Battle of the Books team. She’s a fantastic big sister to Aaron and Emma.

Aaron loves trains (especially Thomas the Train). He is a very loving big brother to Emma and often plays well with Chloe.

Emma is now walking and getting pretty good at it. She is such a joy!! She’s a very smiley, happy baby who brings us lots of fun and laughter.

Watching the kids interact can be so heartwarming and fun (at least when they’re not arguing. . .) :)

Natalie’s mom, Karma, is still living with us. We enjoy her company and having her as part of our family. The kids keep her on her toes as they visit her room often. She is doing okay, but recently found out that the cancer in her neck has returned. She is struggling with decisions to make as she considers various treatment options. Please remember her in your prayers.

Natalie has been focusing on being more “self-aware” of her weaknesses and is constantly trying (though often failing) to improve who she is. Simon has joined her in the quest for improvement. They are both trying to live the gospel of Jesus Christ and be more patient and loving with each other and the kids. They are re-discovering (with a renewed sense of hope) how hard old habits can be to break.

May everyone have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Simon, Natalie, Chloe, Aaron, and Emma Guerrero

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Poopie Talk

Right after his bath a few nights ago. . .

Aaron, "I feel the poopie starting to comeout"
Me, "okay, let's go to the toilet before we put a diaper on"
Aaron [sounding a bit exasperated], "I said I'm going to be potty trained at pre-school, but at home I wear diapers."
Me, "Aaron, if you know the poopie's about to come out you're going to sit on the potty before I put a diaper on."
I somehow convince him to get on the potty.
Cute red face as he pushes. . .he smiles and says, "It came out but it didn't make a plop." He starts pushing again and says, "I hope this one plops in the water."

After he's finished, Aaron, says "The poopie told me to go in the potty all the time now."
Me, "great!"

The next day. . .

Aaron, "Mommy, I have a poopie diaper"
While changing his diaper I say, "I thought the poopie told you last night to use the potty now."
Aaron, "All of a sudden it just came out of my bum!"

*this boy changes his mind on a daily basis as to whether or not he's going to be potty trained (yes, he turned 4 last November!). I don't need any suggestions, we've tried everything, nothing works. He can control it cause he does when he's at preschool classes at the Rec Center. I just got a good laugh out of this conversation. He's sure a fun and funny kid!

It's all about him being in control. . . one day he'll decide it's better to be out of diapers. Until then. . .

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Uno--6 year old style

Okay, so Chloe wants to play Uno. I say, "get it all set up and I'll be right there." So, I finish what I was doing and join Chloe at the table where she has piles of 12 Uno cards set out for each of us. She informs me that we're not playing the normal way.

Me "Okay, how do we play?"
Chloe "Don't look at your cards. Okay, look at your cards."
Me "wait, I thought you said don't look at your cards?"
Chloe--eyes widen in an 'oops' look and giggles, "yes, we're going to look at our cards. Pick out your favorite card and set it down next to your pile."
Me "okay"
Chloe "now take the top card from the stack in front of you and put it on top of your favorite card. Now close your eyes. Stand up and do 5 jumping jacks with your eyes closed."
[meanwhile, I really am following all her instructions]
Chloe, "open your eyes and see if a card is missing"
Me, "My favorite one is gone."
Chloe, giggling, "You have to try and find it." . . .