Monday, January 25, 2010

Things I LOVE!

I love the way Aaron says his r's kind of like w's but hard to describe. . .way too cute, will be sad when he outgrows it or goes to speech therapy to correct it in elementary school. . .

I love Chloe & Aaron's hugs and I love you's.

I love Simon's sexy smile!

I love Emma's happy demeanor.

I love Chloe's silliness.

I love listening to Chloe and Aaron playing and laughing together.

I love listening to Chloe & Aaron playing with Emma and getting her to laugh.

I love dancing with my sweet hubby.

I love dancing with my kiddoes too.

I love eating good food.

I love reading a well-written suspense novel.

I love listening to Emma's baby talk.

I love the gospel of Jesus Christ.

*there are many other things I love as well, but these are the ones on my mind right now :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Christmas Pic and Letter 2009

December 2009

Dear Family and Friends,

Merry Christmas!! We are so grateful for the birth of the Savior, the perfect life he lived, and the Atonement. The Christmas Season can be such a fantastic time of year—especially with young children. The magic of it all comes to life. We enjoy seeing Christmas light displays on homes, listening to Christmas music (especially on the radio’s “Christmas Station”), writing letters to Santa, baking cookies, and wrapping gifts for others. We are trying to teach our kids the joys of serving others, but (of course) always need to do better.

We feel very blessed and have had a good year. Simon finished (and passed!) his final architectural licensing exam. YOOHOO!! We are very excited for him. A few more hoops to jump through and he should have his license soon. He enjoys his calling as the primary teacher for the 11-12 year old boys and assistant scout leader.

Natalie tries to balance her life of kids and taking care of her mother. She enjoys her calling as the ward activities chairperson since she likes to organize and delegate (especially delegate J).

Chloe loves being in Kindergarten this year. She loves to read and is even on her school’s Battle of the Books team. She’s a fantastic big sister to Aaron and Emma.

Aaron loves trains (especially Thomas the Train). He is a very loving big brother to Emma and often plays well with Chloe.

Emma is now walking and getting pretty good at it. She is such a joy!! She’s a very smiley, happy baby who brings us lots of fun and laughter.

Watching the kids interact can be so heartwarming and fun (at least when they’re not arguing. . .) :)

Natalie’s mom, Karma, is still living with us. We enjoy her company and having her as part of our family. The kids keep her on her toes as they visit her room often. She is doing okay, but recently found out that the cancer in her neck has returned. She is struggling with decisions to make as she considers various treatment options. Please remember her in your prayers.

Natalie has been focusing on being more “self-aware” of her weaknesses and is constantly trying (though often failing) to improve who she is. Simon has joined her in the quest for improvement. They are both trying to live the gospel of Jesus Christ and be more patient and loving with each other and the kids. They are re-discovering (with a renewed sense of hope) how hard old habits can be to break.

May everyone have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Simon, Natalie, Chloe, Aaron, and Emma Guerrero

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Poopie Talk

Right after his bath a few nights ago. . .

Aaron, "I feel the poopie starting to comeout"
Me, "okay, let's go to the toilet before we put a diaper on"
Aaron [sounding a bit exasperated], "I said I'm going to be potty trained at pre-school, but at home I wear diapers."
Me, "Aaron, if you know the poopie's about to come out you're going to sit on the potty before I put a diaper on."
I somehow convince him to get on the potty.
Cute red face as he pushes. . .he smiles and says, "It came out but it didn't make a plop." He starts pushing again and says, "I hope this one plops in the water."

After he's finished, Aaron, says "The poopie told me to go in the potty all the time now."
Me, "great!"

The next day. . .

Aaron, "Mommy, I have a poopie diaper"
While changing his diaper I say, "I thought the poopie told you last night to use the potty now."
Aaron, "All of a sudden it just came out of my bum!"

*this boy changes his mind on a daily basis as to whether or not he's going to be potty trained (yes, he turned 4 last November!). I don't need any suggestions, we've tried everything, nothing works. He can control it cause he does when he's at preschool classes at the Rec Center. I just got a good laugh out of this conversation. He's sure a fun and funny kid!

It's all about him being in control. . . one day he'll decide it's better to be out of diapers. Until then. . .

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Uno--6 year old style

Okay, so Chloe wants to play Uno. I say, "get it all set up and I'll be right there." So, I finish what I was doing and join Chloe at the table where she has piles of 12 Uno cards set out for each of us. She informs me that we're not playing the normal way.

Me "Okay, how do we play?"
Chloe "Don't look at your cards. Okay, look at your cards."
Me "wait, I thought you said don't look at your cards?"
Chloe--eyes widen in an 'oops' look and giggles, "yes, we're going to look at our cards. Pick out your favorite card and set it down next to your pile."
Me "okay"
Chloe "now take the top card from the stack in front of you and put it on top of your favorite card. Now close your eyes. Stand up and do 5 jumping jacks with your eyes closed."
[meanwhile, I really am following all her instructions]
Chloe, "open your eyes and see if a card is missing"
Me, "My favorite one is gone."
Chloe, giggling, "You have to try and find it." . . .