Saturday, January 16, 2010

Poopie Talk

Right after his bath a few nights ago. . .

Aaron, "I feel the poopie starting to comeout"
Me, "okay, let's go to the toilet before we put a diaper on"
Aaron [sounding a bit exasperated], "I said I'm going to be potty trained at pre-school, but at home I wear diapers."
Me, "Aaron, if you know the poopie's about to come out you're going to sit on the potty before I put a diaper on."
I somehow convince him to get on the potty.
Cute red face as he pushes. . .he smiles and says, "It came out but it didn't make a plop." He starts pushing again and says, "I hope this one plops in the water."

After he's finished, Aaron, says "The poopie told me to go in the potty all the time now."
Me, "great!"

The next day. . .

Aaron, "Mommy, I have a poopie diaper"
While changing his diaper I say, "I thought the poopie told you last night to use the potty now."
Aaron, "All of a sudden it just came out of my bum!"

*this boy changes his mind on a daily basis as to whether or not he's going to be potty trained (yes, he turned 4 last November!). I don't need any suggestions, we've tried everything, nothing works. He can control it cause he does when he's at preschool classes at the Rec Center. I just got a good laugh out of this conversation. He's sure a fun and funny kid!

It's all about him being in control. . . one day he'll decide it's better to be out of diapers. Until then. . .

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