Thursday, January 7, 2010

Uno--6 year old style

Okay, so Chloe wants to play Uno. I say, "get it all set up and I'll be right there." So, I finish what I was doing and join Chloe at the table where she has piles of 12 Uno cards set out for each of us. She informs me that we're not playing the normal way.

Me "Okay, how do we play?"
Chloe "Don't look at your cards. Okay, look at your cards."
Me "wait, I thought you said don't look at your cards?"
Chloe--eyes widen in an 'oops' look and giggles, "yes, we're going to look at our cards. Pick out your favorite card and set it down next to your pile."
Me "okay"
Chloe "now take the top card from the stack in front of you and put it on top of your favorite card. Now close your eyes. Stand up and do 5 jumping jacks with your eyes closed."
[meanwhile, I really am following all her instructions]
Chloe, "open your eyes and see if a card is missing"
Me, "My favorite one is gone."
Chloe, giggling, "You have to try and find it." . . .


  1. That is too funny. So, how long did you play this way?

  2. That is awesome! Did you find it?

  3. ahhh---life thru the eyes of a 6 year old!

  4. Yeah, I found it--Chloe loves to give clues! We didn't play too long, it was bedtime.