Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Too many video games. . . ?

The scene:
Aaron and I are at the park today playing hide n seek. The place is empty (of course, high was in the 40's today), but my crazy son and I went outside to play.

Aaron, "now it's time go to level two. We both count." yes, again, we are the only two playing.

after a round of level two. . .

Aaron, "now it's time for the hard round--level 3. We both count and hide."
Me--thinking 'um, okay, this ought to be ineteresting. . .'

I don't necessarily recommend Hide N Seek Levels 1-3, but Aaron and I, we had a good time :)


  1. I love it! I've had the hardest time with McQueen and Mario Kart. He got it for Christmas, and now I kind of wish he'd never seen it. He's obsessed and throws fits for-ev-er when he wants to play or has to stop. When the weather warms up, the Wii is going to be packed into the attic and my kids will be sent packing out to the wild blue yonder of the backyard for three months.

  2. Yes, Meredith, he cracks us all up too--entertaining kid to have around :)
    Jacqui--I've heard Mario Kart is cool. I bet Aaron would love that one too! We have Wii Fit Plus and Ooutdoor Challenge. Chloe is the one who is totally obsessed with the Wii over here (at least with wii they're up and moving around!). . .I think we'll have the same game plan this summer :)