Monday, February 8, 2010

When will I get potty trained. . .

A few days ago:

Chloe, "When is Aaron going to get potty trained?"
Aaron, "I told you, before I die."


Me (being inspired from something a member of our stake presidency said yesterday during the combined 3rd hour), "Aaron, daddy's job is to go to work and earn money so we can buy food. Chloe's job is to go to school and learn. And, your job is to get potty trained so we don't have to spend money on diapers for you anymore."
Aaron, "I'm going to get potty trained when I'm a daddy because daddy's go potty all the time."
Me [insert chuckle], "Oh, well, I hope you're potty trained long before that. Ya know four-year-olds go potty all the time too."
Aaron [sheepish grin/smirk], "No, there's one four-year-old that doesn't go potty, but goes in his diaper all the time. . ."

[grrr--he's just so darn cute about it]

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