Wednesday, April 7, 2010

You Are My Sunshine (kiss kiss)

This is Aaron's comfort song to Emma. On many occassions, I have come upon Emma crying and Aaron singing to her (sometimes it calms her down, and well, sometimes it doesn't). Either way, it's awfully cute. Of course, this video below is staged (I told him to sing it for the video), but the scene is much more precious when I catch it candidly.


  1. So fun! That is our "get out of the bath" song. I wrap the kids in a towel and rock them on my lap while singing. If I forget, they are quick to remind me. Love it! What a sweet, sweet boy you have. He and McQueen sound like two birds of a feather. Babe, on the other hand, is SPICY.

  2. Yes, I think McQueen and Aaron would have fun together!