Sunday, July 18, 2010

Kindergarten Graduation May 2010!

The Happy Graduate :) Fun day for Chloe!
Three of the spectators :) (Esther, Simon, & Emma--Nat's taking the pics)

More LeVar Reunion pics

Chloe loved riding the horse!

Chloe & Aaron helping guide the horse with daddy riding :)
Feeding the horse:

Fun with cousins!

Lovin' the outdoors:

Natalie's dad's grave in Arkansas:

LeVar Family Reunion 2010

The reunion was in June (Father's Day weekend). So, I'm a bit late posting them. We had a great trip to Columbus, MS! It was way hot and humid but fun. We stayed with Nat's sister (and reunion organizer this year)--Lori. These pictures are all out of whack as far as any type of order. Oh, well.

Aaron rode once. . .

And then he wanted to help guide the horse:

Aaron's sister and female cousins had fun dressing him up. It was too cute not to post :) I'm sure one day he'll make me delete them. . .