Monday, August 23, 2010

1st Day of School 2010

Aw my sweet, sweet kiddoes! They both had a great first day of school. Aaron's in pre-k and Chloe's in 1st grade this year. Neither one had any difficulty saying goodbye mom and see ya later!
And, I had a great day too! Emma and I went to the store and then played in the playroom for a bit. Then, Emma had lunch and a wonderful 2 1/2 hour nap while I actually stayed busy getting things done around the house.
Wow! This new schedule might actually get me to organize my home/life/family and get a few other projects done was well. Here's hoping since I'm off to a good start :)

(random thought: I was sick (throwing up kind) Saturday night and I had flashbacks of pregnancy and thought about how wonderful it is to have the two oldest in school, one at home, and not have to be dealing with the constant nausea I had during pregnancy. I look back and have no idea how I go through three pregnancies like that--well, actually, I do know--the Lord's help (including the personal strength He gave me and those whose hands He used to help me.)
That thought really has nothing to do with this post except this is the first time I've had one baby at home at the almost 2 age and am able to fully enjoy her cause I'm not sick with pregnancy. (because when Chloe was 2, I was pregnant with Aaron, and when Aaron was 2, he anc Chloe were still both at home all day during the school year. ) Just something I'm grateful for at this particular point in my life.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

School starts tomorrow!!

Wow! School starts tomorrow. My 6 year old will be in 1st grade and my 4 year old in full-day pre-K!! Wow! They are both excited (as am I!). Haven't posted much this summer. It's been a fun summer! We had season passes to NRH2O this summer and we've had lots of fun cooling off in the water there!!

well, i'm out of thoughts for now. think i'll go take a much needed nap--am currently home by myself (hubby and kids at church) trying to get over a stomach/intestinal bug. I'm ready to eat something besides white rice, but I don't dare yet. . .