Friday, January 28, 2011

The Birds and the Bees. . . well, at least part of the story

So, my sweet 7 year old girl asked me the other day how babies get into the mommy's body. So, we had a nice discussion about how girls are born with lots of eggs, simple explanations of periods, that when an egg gets fertilized it grows into a baby, and how the baby gets out.

Then, today, my sweet 5 year old boy asked me the same question. We had a similar discussion (leaving out the sections on periods and how the baby gets out). (lots of giggling & laughter)

So, he runs into the kitchen and tells his dad that girls are born with 100s of eggs and when one of them "hatches" the doctor gets the baby out.

Now, I'm just waiting until one of them asks how an egg gets fertilized. . .