Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Next stop: Nashville (Thanksgiving Trip--en route to Indiana)

We're very hit and miss on taking pictures. We sure enjoyed our stay in Nashville at Uncle Chuck and Aunt Freda's home. We had planned to stay one evening, but due to our car accident (see below) we got to stay an extra day. It was fun! Brad, Zoe and their two kids (Ashton and Barret) came over and we had fun talking with them and the kids sure had fun playing together. (Nat's sister Lori and her family were there also: Lori, Dan, William, Anna, and Sarah)

The kids especially liked sliding down the stairs that lead to the basement. Lots of laughing! Fun times! We also enjoyed going to a kids science musuem there in Nashville! The older kids got to experience what it would be like to walk on the moon :) (poor Aaron, he wanted to but was too short)

Pictured below is Ashton, Sarah, and Emma We ended up staying in Nashville a bit longer than we had planned (an extra day). We were rear-ended 30 minutes from our destination (Natalie's aunt and uncle's home). It was a 7 car pile-up. Traffic came to a sudden stop. Nat came to a sudden stop several feet behind the truck in front of her. The truck behind us also stopped before hitting us. But, behind him, he was hit which threw him into us which threw us into the truck in front of us.
Our car ended up totaled. Hate being in a wreck, but love the new (used) van we decided to get to replace the car. Yeah :) We really enjoy not being all squished in a car now :) All five of us did fit (carseats and all), but it was a tight fit. Yeah for larger vehicles :)

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